Mimi Mfundisi

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East London, South Africa
University Of South Africa
Plants, Gardening, Home Décor And Design
  • Mimi's experience has helped her dabble in a variety of topics surrounding the relationship between plants, gardening, and how they can be used in food and décor in the home.
  • She served as a series researcher on "1802: Love Defies Time," where she used her knowledge of plants and African medicines to help tell a uniquely African story that would become one of the leading TV dramas in 2023.
  • A green thumb living in the concrete jungle, Mimi navigates all things home and garden and shares tips for other plant parent hopefuls who are itching to try their hand at it, too.


Mimi Mfundisi is a seasoned writer and editor with experience in news, home décor, lifestyle, food, and gardening. Her work has been published by The South African, SAPeople, I Love South Africa, and Die Suid-Afrikaner. She was instrumental in building the viewership of SAPeople and I Love South Africa following their relaunch by their parent company. Mimi has been dedicated to working with smaller, less established media organizations in order to build inclusion and promote representation for less privileged communities.


Mimi Mfundisi completed a bachelor's degree in communication science from the University of South Africa.
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