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University Of Texas At Austin
Home Decorating, Antiques, Budget Shopping
  • For 18 years, Pamela has worked as an antiques expert and writer for the home publication The Spruce (formerly, producing a vast array of articles about decorative items, including antique furniture and housewares.
  • She has been interviewed for numerous TV and radio programs and featured in many newspaper and magazine articles as an expert on topics relating to antiques and collectibles.
  • Her most recent effort includes her "Chic for Life with Pamela" blog, covering lifestyle news ranging from product reviews and gift ideas to home décor and cleaning tips.


As a news writer for House Digest, Pamela has enjoyed expanding her writing to include DIY projects, cleaning tips, and home furnishings. She began her career as a writer in 1999 when she published her first magazine article right before graduating from journalism school. Shortly after graduation, she joined a small daily newspaper in Central Texas. Then, she moved into public relations writing for an Austin-based non-profit before becoming a freelancer more than a decade ago. Pamela has also written for magazines including The Intelligent Collector, Antique Trader, and Numismatist. Additionally, she is the author of three books relating to antiques and collectibles.


Pamela earned a bachelor's degree in journalism with magazine specialization from the University of Texas at Austin.
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