Rachael Green

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Atlanta, Georgia
University Of California, Riverside
Gardening, Foodscaping, DIY Home Repair
  • Rachael tends a small backyard garden filled with fruit trees, edible shrubs, and native wildflowers while battling the ever-encroaching kudzu that's eating the South.
  • When she's not adding new plants or trying different gardening techniques, she's in the kitchen finding new recipes to use up the abundance of herbs and edible plants from her garden.
  • Rachael prefers low-cost, sustainable methods and wants to help other would-be gardeners realize that gardening can be budget-friendly and low-effort if you work with the climate and ecosystem you have.


Rachael has been a freelance writer and digital nomad for over a decade, with articles appearing in VeryWell Mind, Travel and Leisure, and more. In addition to being a writer, she is a self-taught gardener with a passion for native plants, foodscaping, and anything that gives her an excuse to spend time in her garden. Currently based in Atlanta, she has hopped from city to city over the past decade, with stints living in Lund, Vienna, and New York, but she's still a Californian at heart. During that time, she's written about travel, food, sports, mental health, and more for a variety of outlets.


Rachael received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and anthropology from the University of California, Riverside.
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