Rita Kueber

Photo of Rita Kueber
Cleveland, Ohio
John Carroll University
Baldwin Wallace
Interior Design, Architecture, Real Estate
  • Rita is currently working in the real estate industry.
  • She has over 15 years of freelance experience writing for local, regional, and national publications, including Cleveland Magazine and U.S. News.
  • She reports on real estate trends, especially those in Northeast Ohio, and writes a monthly column, highlighting extraordinary properties in Northeast Ohio.


Rita's resume includes years of experience as a public relations/promotion/marketing maven for architects, actors, agents, anchors, academics, advocates, accountants, analysts, and that’s just the A’s. Throughout her varied careers, she was at heart a writer and was always called on to create anything from ad copy to brochures, articles, press releases, white papers, websites, speeches, and more. Most recently her writing has been focused on the consumer real estate market, interior design, home renovation and restoration, and home maintenance and repair.


Her bachelor's degree in Communications from John Carroll University allowed her to work for a wide variety of organizations both for-profit and non-profit, from finance and commercial real estate to theater and media. Post-graduate studies at Balwin Wallace will round out her desire to earn an MBA someday.
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