Rita Kueber

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Cleveland, Ohio
John Carroll University, Baldwin Wallace
Real Estate, Interior Design, Gardens & Plants
  • Rita currently works in the real estate industry and has also worked for commercial and senior living architectural studios.
  • She has been a lifelong student of interior design, trends, and color theory, creating mood boards long before Pinterest.
  • Her first garden at age six was a sunflower patch, and she has raised vegetables, flowers, and herbs ever since.


Rita has written for local and regional publications for over twenty years and currently reports on real estate and interior design trends and writes a monthly column highlighting extraordinary properties and estates in Ohio. In addition to House Digest, her freelance articles have appeared in The Plain Dealer, Cleveland Magazine, Currents/Chagrin Valley Times, Gasparilla Island Magazine, and U.S. News on topics like gardening, consumer real estate, interior design, color application, home renovation, restoration, and maintenance. She has a background in marketing and public relations and has worked for arts and culture non-profits and for-profit media. She has also served as the lead promotional writer on the staff of various architecture, commercial, and residential real estate companies.


Rita has a B.A. in communications from John Carroll University.
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