Sarah Milner

Photo of Sarah Milner
Ontario, Canada
Trent University, Laurentian University
Gardening, DIY, Homesteading
  • Sarah Bea Milner is an award-winning researcher who blends factual reporting with highly readable, enjoyable prose.
  • She has traveled the world for numerous press junkets and other industry events.
  • When Sarah is not in the garden, she's at the kitchen table with her kids, enjoying crafts, baking, and DIY fun. She also has a fierce love of all things "spooky" and goes all-out on Halloween decorations.


Sarah Bea Milner is a writer, editor, and folk musician. Before joining the Static Media family, she worked as a lead editor for Valnet Inc. She's also written for /Film, Exclaim! Magazine, Electric City Magazine, Bluegrass Canada Magazine, Neon Splatter, Screen Rant, and The Gamer. Sarah balances her responsibilities as an editor with her non-profit work and the challenges of motherhood.


Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (rhetoric and media studies) from Laurentian University and a Master of Arts degree in English (public texts) from Trent University.
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