Sona Poghosyan

Yerevan, Armenia
American University Of Armenia
Real Estate, Film, Photography
  • Sona is extremely passionate about the written word.
  • In her experience writing for both media and tech, she's developed valuable skills and a comprehensive understanding of brand voice.
  • Combining research and creativity is what adds flair to Sona's work.


Creative and endlessly curious, Sona is an experienced writer who has worked in the fields of tech, media, and film. Throughout her career, she's had the privilege of expanding her skills by exploring themes and industries entirely different from one another. Her work on all things lifestyle, film, pop culture, tech, and more can be seen in multiple publications like, SLR Lounge, ExpertPhotography, TechCrunch, and others.


Sona has earned her degree in English and Communications with a track in Writing and Translation from the American University of Armenia. During her studies, she took every writing course she possibly could, falling in love with the artform and developing her skills in the meantime.
Stories By Sona Poghosyan