Valerie Golik

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Pittsburgh, PA
Calumet College Of St. Joseph, Purdue University
Entertaining And Party Planning, Gardening And Landscaping, Cooking And Recipe Creation
  • Valerie has been a writer throughout her career, which has spanned journalism, editing, marketing, public relations, and nonprofit leadership.
  • She enjoys learning new things through her writing, whether it's making homemade liqueurs, creating a fairy garden, or discovering unique party ideas.
  • Having bought her first house at age 20, Valerie has been immersed in the merriment, mania, and minutiae of home ownership and household management ever since.


Valerie proves that a person who is driven also can embrace the whimsy of a picnic table for squirrels or pancakes made in a variety of freeform shapes. She is passionate about (too) many things, the best of which are her family, wine, and Christmas. She has dozens of half-written books and scripts, but has completed just two, which she eventually, maybe, possibly, hopefully plans to publish.


Valerie earned a bachelor of science in organization management from Calumet College of St. Joseph, followed by a master of arts in communication from Purdue University. She has added to her formal education through a multi-session nonprofit leadership program at Duquesne University and countless continuing education seminars.
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