How To Steal Kendall Jenner's Colorful And Vintage-Inspired Home Style

Popular icon and model Kendall Jenner's home is located in the mountainous region just outside of Los Angeles. According to Dirt, she quietly purchased the home in 2016 through Matthew Altman, a top luxury estate agent. The property consists of a 6,635-square-foot house with 5 bedrooms and 5 ½ bathrooms all positioned on a 0.84-acre lot. Immediately after purchasing the estate, Jenner began her remodeling process as she planned to change both the design and structure of her new place.

Unlike the rest of her family, who enjoy flashy and showy designs, Jenner had a completely different style in mind for her new home. She wanted her property to come across as a peaceful hideaway to match the serene nature it's surrounded by. Architectural Digest claims that this surprised and excited her designers Kathleen and Tommy Clements as they took on her remodeling project. The Clements conceived a rather simple style with plenty of warm colors and earthy décor, which ultimately produced a colorful and vintage-inspired home for this stunning celebrity. Let's take a closer look at some of the exact elements that were used to create this style and see how you can implement them in your own home.

Minimal and earthy tones

In an episode of Open Door by Architectural Digest (via YouTube), Jenner claims she is a big fan of colorful artwork. Therefore, in order to subdue these bright and showy elements, the rest of her home was styled with a variety of minimal and earthy décor. Although using this toned-down style within your home can come across as bland and boring, Customer Home Group mentions that it tends to be very soothing and is often accompanied by warmth and texture.

To properly incorporate these tones into your home, Customer Home Group suggests starting with a balanced color palette. For example, Jenner's formal living room starts with a palette of whites and creams, as seen by her fluffy white carpet and cream-colored drapes. This scheme, however, is also perfectly balanced with the dusty rose couches and light gray armchairs that furnish the area.

Adding natural materials, like the dark wooden beams placed across the room's ceiling, can also bring an organic feel into the room. Direct elements of nature, like house plants, will liven up an area; Jenner has an elegant indoor tree strategically placed in the corner of her formal living room.

Warm vibes

Moving away from the minimal and earthy tones used throughout the house, a dominant element of warmth emerges as you enter the kitchen and dining areas. Jenner says the warm and cozy feelings these areas produce make her feel more inclined to spend time in them, whether it's cooking in her kitchen or sharing a meal with friends in the dining room (via Architectural Digest on YouTube). Corresponding with many of the techniques used in Jenner's house, lifestyle blogger Julie Blanner shares various elements you can incorporate into your own home to create a snug and cozy space similar to Jenner's kitchen and dining room.

Color is one of the most important elements here. For a room to feel comforting, it should be filled with grounding and soothing hues, like Jenner's forest green kitchen cabinets. Adding fixtures made from metals, like copper and brass, help establish a farmhouse vibe. Although these types of metals are often incorporated as decorations, Jenner's design team used them for the faucets and handles.

Complementing the colors with wood furnishings can also significantly elevate the warmth of an area. Nearly all the furnishings in Jenner's dining room are made of wood, including her dining table, display table, decorations, and even her mix-matched dining chair collection. The layered rug positioned underneath the dining table only accentuates the homey look even further.

Room for your hobbies

Life as a world-famous icon and supermodel is certainly stressful, so, having an escape room to pursue stress-relieving hobbies is very important to Jenner. What used to be a rarely used movie theater quickly became an art studio fitted with a wooden storage unit, easels, and a variety of seating arrangements. On her episode of Open Door, Jenner explains that, aside from the luxurious movie screen which still remains in the room, the entire area has been redesigned for creating art and messes. Even the windows are draped with canvas curtains to eventually be painted. Although she claims that she's nowhere close to a professional artist, painting allows her to step away from her crazy life and pursue a fun activity with friends and family (via YouTube).

For many of us, our homes don't have enough space available to dedicate an entire room to artistic endeavors. Boston Apartments shares various ways to find room for them anyway. You can start by displaying the activities you love to partake in around your home. For example, if you enjoy painting, why not hang some of your paintings on the wall? If you're into fishing, display your fishing pole instead. Maybe you don't want to showcase your hobbies throughout your home. Instead, you could always build a hobby corner where you can engage in your favorite activities and then conceal them when you're finished.

Peaceful and positive

In her interview with Architectural Digest, Jenner states, "My life involves a lot of chaos and travel and high energy, so I wanted a home that feels serene, a place where I can simply zone out and relax." Keeping this in mind, there are a variety of unique touches added to her home to give it that extra element of peace and calmness. One of those is artwork by James Turrell. According to the artist's website, he is an American artist who creates works using light and color to engage audience members with a new sense of human perception. Jenner describes her James Turrell piece as a very peaceful and calming aura inside her home.

Throughout her bedroom, Jenner has a selection of Tensor Rings, which are known for improving mood and positivity. The Latch further explains that Tensor Rings are made from copper wires that have been heated, creating a one-way energy flow that can bring healing and stability to the area in which they are placed. Jenner has them positioned at the foot of her bed, inside her lamps, and around her bedside water glass.

Memories and meaningful touches

A home is not a home without memories and meaningful touches. On open Door (via YouTube), Jenner states that she has little reminders of past events placed throughout her home. Although these little memories often go unnoticed by visitors and guests, the meaning they have to her is all that matters. For example, the set of old Italian doors she has on display in the sitting area of her bedroom were a gift from her mother, who always had them in her own home. They allow Jenner to think fondly back to her childhood.

Even if you don't have beautifully crafted items to display as memories, Build Beautiful by the Toll Brothers recommends several unique ways to display all the meaningful items you have throughout your home. Treasured recollections are often in the form of pictures, paintings, and other images. If this is the case for you, you can create a grid gallery with these items or use them to decorate the walls along your staircases. Stringing your photos along a decorative piece of twine or thread is another cute way to present visual interest throughout your home. If you want to present both images and physical reminders of your past, consider creating a shelf display of everything together.