Sarah Baeumler's Tips For Giving Your Home A Much Needed Refresh

Anytime we move from one season into the next, you'll probably begin switching out décor elements in your home for something more reflective of the oncoming season. Before you get too deep into that process, it's a good idea to freshen up your space, so you're not placing new items atop a pile of dust and dirt. Designer and co-host of "House of Bryan" Sarah Baeumler shared her tips on how to refresh your home (via BCLiving).

As she explains on her website, Baeumler's brand reflects the notion of living a life based on your values and beliefs, and that this begins by creating a harmonious home. Making sure your home has a clean and fresh appearance can be the first step to elevating your overall design aesthetic. Even WebMD says a cluttered, messy home can create more stress, a scattered mind, and sometimes, it can have adverse effects on your memory. If you'd like to freshen up your home, but aren't sure how to get started, take a look at where Baeumler suggests you should begin.

Rid your home of dust and clutter

Sarah Baeumler believes homeowners looking to freshen up their homes should start with their rugs and doormats, per BCLiving. She says these items attract dust and dirt like a moth to a flame, so before it gets too cold, you should take these items outside and shake off anything that might be clung to them. She also advises hanging these items on a clothes line or fence to keep them out of the way while you clean the floor. This will give them a chance to air out. It's especially important to do this after summer, as it's the driest time of the year, and doors usually remain closed to keep the cool air inside, which in turn circulates dust particles, says Prestige Property Services.

Baeumler also says you should work on decluttering. Do this by first walking through your entire home and clearing off all of your shelves and surfaces. From there, you'll only put back the items that those who live in your home actually need or, at least, very much like having around.

Get out your handy dandy toothbrush

Other important areas of your home to attend to are the laundry room and bathrooms, the designer explains via BCLiving. These are the areas where mold and mildew are most likely to grow, and for a really deep clean, Baeumler advises using a toothbrush on the sinks and tile floors to get them looking brand new again.

Of course, scouring your bathroom and laundry area with a toothbrush may sound a bit daunting, but there are other techniques that will help prevent mold from growing in the first place. Upstairs Downstairs Cleaning Service says if your bathroom is well lit, especially with natural light, this alone can help prevent mold from growing as it prefers to grow in the dark. Also make sure to turn your exhaust fan on while you're taking a shower, and leave it on for 30 minutes afterwards. This is the best way to ensure most of the moisture has been evaporated.

Design tactics

Giving your home a fresh appearance doesn't just mean cleaning the space, but providing small updates, per BCLiving. Baeumler says to invite in new colors and patterns through pillows and linens to give your home a subtle update. If you want to make sure your decorative touches remain looking fabulous, she suggests using a stain protector and stain remover whenever an accident occurs. If you want to purchase fabrics that will survive a busy home with plenty of accidents, Martha Stewart adds that fabrics made of synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic, are less likely to absorb stains.

Finally, Sara Baeumler is a fan of reorganizing and decorating bookshelves to give a space a minor makeover. Once you've pulled down all of your books and knick knacks, you can wipe off dust, remove any damaged book jackets, and then sort them back in an interesting way. You can arrange the books in various positions, such as vertically, horizontally, or in an obscure pattern. Once you've done this, you'll have more space to add updated décor pieces to elevate your space for the new season.