Are The Least Expensive Headboards At Urban Outfitters Worth Buying?

Did you know that headboards were originally a status symbol used to prevent cold walls and drafts from getting between the uber-wealthy and a good night's sleep, per e-Architect? Over time, they also served as a support for when you wanted to sit up and eat or read in bed. These days, headboards are mostly used as a decorative backdrop to complete the look of your bedroom, although many styles do still serve one of the original purposes. 

Urban Outfitters embraces such ideals when it comes to their headboard offerings. With a target demographic of 18- to 28-year-old customers, according to their 2021 annual report, it may not be a surprise that an online search for the lowest-priced headboards starts with a decorative and headboard-sized rainbow wall sticker for $89. However, we decided to look at their more traditional headboards that would actually block a draft or provide some support to see if the cheapest options are worth buying.

Tufted velvet headboard

The first headboard we looked at is the Corinne Velvet Pleated Headboard, priced at $399, with a gold-colored steel frame and foam padding covered in velvet fabric, available in blue, ivory, and grey. This option is marketed as a fit for queen- and full-sized beds, and measures 60.5 inches wide and 26.5 inches high, plus a leg height of 24.25 inches and a depth of 2.75 inches. There are no reviews for this headboard, so we can only point out areas that should be considered for quality and comfort if you consider this headboard. 

There is no information on the Urban Outfitters website about whether the foam is backed with a harder and more supportive surface. This is important to determine  how well the foam would wear as you lean against it and the comfort if you are leaning against a cold wall, or if your bed is in front of a window. Also, it's not clear from the photo whether the tufted fabric is adhered with glue, staples, or stitching, or how it's attached to the frame. There are many retailers selling similar upholstered headboards in this price range, and for less. Our suggestion would be to look at an in-store model, check reviews for similar models, and examine the return policy before making this purchase. 

Iridescent mirrored headboard

Next up is the Rainbow Iridescent Mirrored Headboard, which Urban Outfitters says can double as full-length or vanity mirror. It's priced at $399 and at first appeared to be a fan favorite with what looked like 50 five-star reviews out of 65. The reality is that Urban Outfitters doesn't verify reviews based on those who actually purchase the item — and only 33 reviewers did buy it — while the rest gave it five stars based on the photo only. Most use it as a standing mirror, while about 10 use it as a headboard. 

It's made of glass on medium density fiberboard (MDF), and has a metal frame. While it comes with brackets to attach it to the wall, it does not come with the screws needed to hang it. Even five-star reviewers were disappointed by that at this price.

Six reviewers mentioned that there are imperfections in the glass, or the iridescent coating, and that it can appear too smoky to see yourself. Several also pointed out that the drill holes were not deep enough for the required screws and they either had to re-drill it themselves or have someone else do that. It weighs 31 pounds and does not have legs, which makes this a two-person job. Our recommendation is that $399 is expensive for a standing floor mirror, and as a headboard we would be concerned about the glass shattering — not a good buy for the money.

Arc silhouette headboard

Our final review is of the arc-shaped Sandra Velvet Headboard. The only information about this item is that it's made from polyester and metal, which makes us wonder if Urban Outfitters thinks that their target audience doesn't care whether there is enough information provided to evaluate the product. There are no reviews so we can't tell anything further from people who actually bought this headboard. 

It is surprising that Urban Outfitters writes that, "This is a custom furniture piece made to order just for you." Custom orders are usually made to a customer's specification and choice of materials. Does Urban Outfitters mean that if you choose a twin, that's what they'll ship to you? Because that's not what we understand custom to mean. 

This bed is available in four sizes to fit a twin/XL twin, full, queen, and king. The price starts at $599 for the twin and adds $50 for each size increase. It comes in five muted tones: ivory, green, sky, rose, and burnt orange. Is it worth it? We think if you're going to spend this kind of money you should have more information about how something is made and whether it's really custom made or not.