What Flooring Type Is Best For Your Laundry Room?

Laundry rooms often get forgotten about when it comes to remodeling and updating because they tend to be out of sight. Yet, keeping the flooring in this area in good condition may help to make it an enjoyable space to spend time in and could add some value to the home. Even if you don't like to be in the laundry room all that often, a new floor may make it a bit easier to manage.

Laundry rooms can be difficult spaces to keep clean thanks to the washer and dryer, sink, and other messy components like dust and pet hair. It's easy for things to drop onto the floor, potentially chipping or denting the surface. Other times, you may be hoping to update the laundry room to make it more functional and even add a bit of luxury to it. Fixr states a laundry room floor replacement may cost as little as $35 or as high as $1,400, depending on the options selected.

First know what you need

The laundry room is an area of the home where you're using chemicals and water, often with a washer that could leak or a sink that could overflow. The flooring selected for a laundry room needs to match that with durability and still be easy to clean and maintain.

National Floors Direct notes lots of options exist for laundry room floors, but a few key factors are important to keep in mind when selecting yours. Perhaps most important is choosing a moisture-resistant floor. That includes making it easy to clean up floods that may occur but also reducing the risk of high humidity leading to mold and mildew growth.

Look for a flooring material less likely to stain as well, especially when it comes to chemicals like bleach. When possible, seek out easy-to-clean flooring options for your laundry room, and those less likely to suffer dents thanks to enhanced durability. Even though all of this matters, it's still possible to find an affordable product you love.

What's the best option?

You do have options in durable laundry room flooring material, such as ceramic tile, natural stone, and laminate. However, one of the most recommended, including by Avalon Flooring, is the use of vinyl. It's the ideal choice for the laundry room because it's least likely to suffer from early wear and tear, even in rough conditions. Some forms are even waterproof, which can give you some peace of mind.

Vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets, and luxury vinyl planks are all options ranging in looks and overall application methods. Vinyl sheets tend to be more water-resistant than other products while offering ample protection for falling objects. Vinyl is easy to clean, too. Best of all, you can find designs that look like natural stone, wood, or a range of other colors and patterns, allowing you to create a laundry room space you love the look of, even if you don't like the work you have to do in there all that much.