5 Creative Ways To Use Wire Baskets Around Your House

Baskets are one of the most versatile items you can use in your home. They're a stylish storage option and a creative solution for decor. And when you're organizing, using baskets provides a practical option for keeping many items grouped together, consequently reducing clutter, says Beach Life Bliss. No matter the size or style of your home, you'll be able to find baskets that fit into small nooks and crannies and look like a thought-out part of your decor.

One style of basket that looks great with most home designs are wire baskets. They can fit industrial, modern, and even glamorous home decor, coming in all colors, plus black, gold, and other metallic finishings, as well as a variety of shapes. With wire baskets, you have a two-fold solution: a stylish accent and a sneaky storage option. So grab a few wire baskets and get creative with how you use them in your space, perhaps starting with our five ideas below.

1. Wall shelving

There's no rule that says baskets have to sit upright on the floor or be tucked away in a cabinet. You can use wire baskets as stylish floating shelves on your walls. You can make this a quick DIY with L-brackets according to The Kim Six Fix or using hooks to secure the basket to the wall so it won't shift around. This DIY is also renter-friendly if you use adhesive hooks to hang your wire basket(s) on the wall.

With your wire basket secured to the wall, you can treat it as you would any other kind of wall shelving. You can either install the baskets with the opening facing out like a display box or with the opening upward so you can use it like a container. This can be a great way to display your plants, for example, candles, or other decor. You could also use it for storage in the entryway for mail or keys.

2. Kitchen storage

Kitchen countertops can get cluttered so easily, taking away any actual workspace you may have. But you can use wire baskets to help round up miscellaneous items and most-used kitchen tools to help keep your kitchen counters clear and aesthetically pleasing. Use a basket to keep your kitchen tools in one place and within reach, suggests Through My Front Porch. You can place cutting boards in the back of the wire basket while the front is occupied by two jars holding tools like wooden spoons, spatulas, and whisks.

Wire baskets can also be used behind closed doors to help keep cabinets and pantries organized. You can fold up hand towels and stack them in a basket for easy use. Or they can hold miscellaneous items like cake decorating supplies in one place. A wire basket is also a great way to store loose produce like apples, onions, and potatoes, so they're kept together and out of the way.

3. Linen closet organization

A good container is key to an organized home. But you don't want to forget about the aesthetics when organizing your abode. And baskets are the ideal way to combine those two details. Use a wire basket to organize your linen closet. And since the baskets are see-through, you'll be able to see what you need before taking them down from the shelf. But you can also use labels to make the organization even easier.

Another idea? Use a wire basket to organize the bedsheets for each room, says The Inspired Home. A dedicated basket for the main bedroom and secondary bedroom will help make changing the sheets easier. You won't need to dig through piles of mixed sheets to find the right one. You can do the same thing with towels and washcloths to organize a bathroom. Use a basket to organize all your extra toiletries and soaps. Multiple baskets will keep your linen closet tidy and much easier to use.

4. Keep the bathroom tidy

The bathroom is another room where you can use wire baskets as a dual storage-and-decor option. You can use them either on the countertops, underneath the sink, or in a closet to keep the room tidy. You can hang wire baskets off of a tile bar, which can be a great alternative to installing shelves, according to Of Life and Lisa. On a counter, baskets can be a great way to bundle items and keep them free and clear. And underneath the sink, you can use wire baskets to organize cleaning supplies and tools.

Use wire baskets to hold towels or keep sets of towels and washcloths together. And large wire baskets are an easy option for a hamper, too. You can also use wire baskets in the shower to hold soaps and shampoos. Stick them to the wall of your shower with a strong suction cup hook; they'll be easy to take down, so you'll still be able to clean your shower tiles.

5. Hold blankets and pillows

No home is complete without a few cozy blankets to cuddle up in. But those cozy blankets can quickly add up and become bulky accessories. So where do you keep the blankets when they're not in use? A wire basket is a great decorative option to corral all your blankets when you aren't using them, says Kelley Nan. You can use them in both living rooms and bedrooms for a stylish and functional decorative accent. The wire basket can either be an accent piece in the design, or you can tuck it back in a corner so it's hidden.

In the bedroom, you can even use wire baskets for decorative pillows you have on your bed but might not sleep with. It's the perfect solution for keeping them off the floor and in one place until you're ready to make your bed again. You can also leave a wire basket of extra pillows and blankets in the guest room or next to the sofa or a chair in the living room for a little extra comfort.