Why You Should Never Buy Batteries For Your Home At Dollar General

It may seem like a good idea to pick up a pack or three of batteries at the dollar store. But are you really getting the best bang for your buck? Cheapism says to steer clear of any kind of batteries from such outlets, especially if you use them for children's toys; they'll just end up draining shortly after you put them in. As it turns out, these batteries are made for low-drain devices — for example, a clock or a radio — not for the more heavy-duty stuff. 

To that end, Dollar General does have practical merchandise and savvy deals on all types of products. You'll typically find many kinds of batteries available for purchase there, for example. But, while that good price on these items may seem like a steal, eventually they will just end up causing you headaches and costing you more money. So why is it smarter to skip purchasing this item at Dollar General in particular?

Less power and possible leakage

One big problem with batteries from Dollar General is that they have already likely been sitting around on shelves for months or even years, slowly losing their battery life, per The Washington Post. Additionally, when these items languish or are made with poor-quality materials, they tend to leak. In doing so, there is a chance that fluid could damage your electronics, which could spell disaster — especially if it leaks into an expensive item. It's best to switch them out now if you know that Dollar General batteries are sitting in your products.

It has also been proven by a Southern Louisiana University researcher, as noted by Consumer Reports, that batteries from places like Dollar General actually have fewer watts of power when compared with other brands like Energizer and Duracell. According to Kiplinger, If you're looking for options that will last and get more for your money, it is best to purchase batteries in bulk from stores like Costco or BJ's. You will get more that will last you longer, and you will spend less in the long-run.