The Property Brothers' Best Advice For Furniture Shopping

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Shopping for furniture can be an exciting process. Whether you are thrifting for that unique antique find, scouring the web for the next new trend, or visiting your local furniture store to see what's in stock, it can be easy to get caught up in the thrill of the find. Although it's important to select furniture pieces that match the style of the room, as well as go with the color scheme of the space, there is another element to the shopping process that is sometimes easily forgotten.

When it comes to picking the perfect pieces for your home and designing a space to meet your expectations, few do it better than the hosts of the HGTV Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. With plenty of experience helping their clients find ways to balance their wants and needs, the twin brothers have picked up some incredible tips along the way. According to Vogue, there are so many crucial things to consider when searching for furniture, such as whether or not the item you are purchasing is a good investment, if it is something you just want or if is it a definite need for your space. However, the Scott brothers have arguably the most important piece of advice to keep in mind when shopping for furniture. 

Size matters!

No matter what kind of furniture you are shopping for, albeit a coffee table, a lounger, or a dresser, you always have to make sure it will fit in your space. There is nothing more frustrating than falling in love with the perfect comfy sectional couch and finding out that it takes up the entire space. For this reason, Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott want you to avoid making the errors so many other people have.

When asked what one of the typical mistakes shoppers make when deciding on furniture for their space is, Jonathan said that they sometimes don't consider the size before they buy. Luckily, for novice and professional shoppers alike, the sibling design team shared their own personal cheat sheet in their book "Dream Home," which lists several important measurements you need to consider around the home, explains Following these guidelines will ensure that you have enough space in your abode to freely move around and avoid any sense of overcrowding. So before you reach into your wallet and shell out major dollars, make sure you pull out your trusty measuring tape first.