20 Throw Pillows You Can Make That Are Perfect For Fall

This year, you can add some extra autumnal flair to your home by making decorative throw pillows. The best part is that you don't have to be a sewing expert to do it! Plenty of no-sew options are just as easy and look just as good. If you want to go the traditional route, there are plenty of fall-themed fabrics to choose from. Apples, pumpkins, leaves — you name it, somebody's probably made fabric with it. Or, if you're feeling a little more creative, you can always paint or stencil your design onto some plain fabric. 

Fall is the perfect time to cozy your home with homemade throw pillows. With some creativity, you can make some stylish pillows that will excite you in the cooler weather. According to Rapport Furniture, the ideal number of throw pillows on a couch is between three and five; let's get started so you can quickly begin shopping or DIYing!

1. Perfect pumpkins

These adorable pillows are made from two different fabrics. One is a cream-colored boucle, and the other is a silk pillowcase. Each is an attractive option, and they both feature lace pumpkin doilies that you can find at your local Dollar General during autumn. These would look great at either end of a couch. 

2. Warm welcome

If you love vintage farmhouse décor, this is one pillow you will enjoy creating. With some simple white fabric and cute graphics chosen and ironed on, you have yourself a simple yet sophisticated throw pillow. This is one pillow that will surely be a conversation piece. 

3. Fall icons

When you think of fall, you can't help, but picture pumpkins, leaves, sunflowers, and more to share that fall has arrived in your home. These pillows were created using two different fabrics, both featuring fun graphics. To finish the look, a button is sewn into the middle of the pillow. 

4. Flowery fall fun

Start by taking some simple shag fabric and adding some handmade leaf cutout shapes. A sweet scarecrow dons one pillow sharing its warm welcome, along with some faux fall flowers attached with fabric glue. The other boasts a lovely swatch of buffalo plaid fabric, along with additional leaves added onto it. 

5. Spooky security

If you love scary movies but need something to hug while watching them, this handcrafted "security pillow" is just the thing during a horror movie scare-a-thon. It's created with black fabric and what looks like vinyl letters added to it. This pillow will be your best new companion next time you sit down to watch a movie. 

6. Cute crocheted pumpkins

This pillow would make an excellent project for those who love to crochet or knit. Take some of your favorite yarn colors associated with fall, and create a beautiful throw pillow cover. This one has pumpkins, but you can choose to crochet in other shapes, like an apple or a gourd. 

7. Welcoming autumn

This is an easy no-sew pillow you can put together in no time flat. It uses fall-themed placemats from Dollar General and some thin nautical rope. Using a hot glue gun, glue the sides together, leaving one side open for stuffing. After loading your pillow, you need to glue the last side shut. 

8. Sweater weather

Autumn is sweater weather, after all! If you have a sweater that you want to upcycle, make a pillow out of it. You can grab a plain pillow and cut parts of the sweater to fit it. Once you have it all lined up, simply sew the sweater pieces over the pillow. 

9. Use a pillow you have

If you are looking for a way to upcycle your existing throw pillows, you could always give them a seasonal upgrade. Taking a pillow you own and adding some fun fall-themed ribbon and some adornments creates the perfect cozy space to cuddle up in.

10. Treat bag pillows

One thing that nearly everyone thinks of when they hear fall is coming is, of course, Halloween. These adorable throw pillows are pretty inexpensive to make, using dollar store treat bags. Add a stem and some leaves, and you have yourself pumpkins. You could upcycle your child's old treat bags to breathe new life into them. 

11. Jack-o'-lantern smile

Nothing says Halloween is on its way like a spooky jack-o'-lantern pillow. This creepy yet cute design is hand painted. You could always use a stencil if you don't think you can paint it freehand. You could easily make different faces and place them across your couch for a fun look.  

12. Sweet candy corn

If you enjoy sewing, chances are you have a lot of extra fabric and never know what you can make from fabric scraps. This cute candy corn pillow is filled with shades of oranges, yellows, and white patterned swatches. It's almost like a small quilt project, putting it all together.

13. Square-y good

This pillow cover is made entirely of gorgeous crocheted granny squares. They are created using earth-tone colors, especially with the beautiful orange as an accent. Just grab a plain pillow to slip this lovely case over, and you have a pretty fall-themed cushion. The green and orange together remind us of pumpkin picking!

14. Mixed media

This mixed media pillow is perfect for adding dimension and visual interest to your couch or chairs. It is created using burlap, wool, corduroy, and hemp. You can cut out the pumpkin's shape using the burlap and sew it on. Create a stem and attach the adorable handcrafted tag that says "fall."  

15. Owl love

Owls, bats, and wolves are the quintessential animals of the Halloween season. These adorable owl pillows complement any sofa and chair to add a bit of whimsy. With some easy shapes to cut out, this pillow would also make a fun project with the kids. If you love owls, leave them out after fall!

16. Pretty in pumpkin

There is something magical about bringing pumpkin décor into your home, and it solidifies the arrival of fall. This pillow is hand-painted in a beautiful orange color, deep green for the foliage, and dark chocolate brown for the stem. Do this using a pillow you already have, or grab one from your local craft store.

17. Vintage country autumn

These charming rustic-style pillows are perfect if you love farmhouse décor. Use fabric swatches to create this item, and feel free to add your mixed media to it, and get creative with scraps that you may have. 

18. Puffy pumpkin

Nothing is better than cuddling with something soft, like this pumpkin throw pillow. It was created using chunky-knit yarn and then knitted together in the shape of a pumpkin. Try out different yarn colors and make a patch of pumpkins for your couch! 

19. Greetings autumn

This option can be made in under a day if you already have some blank pillows. Otherwise, you can grab some inexpensive ones from a craft store. Choose some fun designs or create your own, and use heat transfer paper to make different designs. 

20. Cozy season

During fall, we enjoy bonfires and wear cozy flannels on chilly days. This pillow expresses those things. It is created with painter's canvas fabric and adorable little plaid leaves. We also love how the words printed onto it give it an expressive touch.