25 Industrial Bedroom Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Space

According to Decor Outdoor, industrial interior design is a product of the Industrial Revolution. This was between the 1700s and 1800s, during a time when bigger and stronger buildings were being constructed. This led to the Machine Age in the 1920s, and industrial design was often incorporated with art deco themes and other contemporary ideas. When people think of industrial interior design, they picture exposed brick, beams, pipes, rafters, vintage accessories, and distressed finishes.

This interior design theme can easily be incorporated into your bedroom, whether it's through wallpaper or other material, to create the illusion of a 1920s building. It's also a great design choice for you if you like neutrals mixed with pops of color, as well as clean, straight lines, per Vevano Home. An industrial design theme focuses on comfy, open floor plans, making it an excellent theme for the bedroom — so we'll show you multiple ways to incorporate this concept.

1. Hanging string lights

Industrial design is also about exposed material. Here, hanging string lights is a method of incorporating that idea, but in a much more straightforward way. The gray wallpaper also gives off the illusion of cement, which complements the white brick.

2. Small furniture pieces

The industrial design style doesn't have to be dramatic and can be incorporated with small furniture pieces made of some metal. Here, they've contrasted the black side table with a green headboard and gray bedding.

3. Exposed brick

If you've already got exposed brick in your bedroom, you're already on track towards that industrial look. If not, you can always put up brick wallpaper to create the same look, minus the rough texture — which can be substituted with something else, like a distressed furniture piece. 

4. Aged beauty

Part of the industrial theme is making your bedroom look like it was built years ago. The walls in this room were created to look distressed and can be mimicked with paint or wallpaper.

5. Open concept

Part of industrial design is having an open concept. You can replace your bedroom doors with an open metal frame or French door. Although you'll sacrifice a bit of privacy, this will also allow natural light to move around your home.

6. Mix textures

The nice thing about industrial design is the ability to introduce a plethora of textures. They've introduced brick, cement, and wood surfaces in this bedroom arrangement to create a cohesive format.

7. Garage asethetic

To make your bedroom feel industrial, you can also incorporate themes of a garage. For example, hanging your bike up on a wall. Or you can also bring in metal lockers to store clothing and other items.

8. Exposed pipes

This bedroom has the ultimate industrial look, as it has exposed pipes running vertically and horizontally in the space. You can do this by exposing real pipes or installing faux pipes strategically around your bedroom.

9. Pops of color

Part of industrial design is picking a neutral color scheme and adding pops of color. Here, they've chosen a black and white color scheme and have added yellow elements in different variations. 

10. Vintage pieces

Adding vintage pieces to your industrial design will introduce character and interest. This vintage sofa fits nicely with the color scheme of this industrial-themed space and adds a touch of warmth and coziness.

11. Minimalistic

Your industrial bedroom doesn't have to be full of different Machine Age characteristics and can be more minimalistic if desired. The walls and floor look like they're made of concrete and are contrasted by the black, wood-paneled headboard and light gray bedding. The bent floor lamp and black side table help concrete the industrial style.

12. Open floor plan

This residence has an open floor plan for the bedroom and bathroom space, where there is barely a division. The exposed pipe to the bathtub solidifies the industrial theme and is complemented by the metal frames of the windows, as well as the color themes in the bedroom.

13. Large windows

Many industrial themes work with dark colors. As a result, creating a bedroom in a considerable space will help maintain a bright and airy environment. Large windows also help imitate the appearance of a big building.

14. Loft-style bedroom

Loft-style apartments are a great way to incorporate the industrial theme. This is because you can create a metal staircase and railing, which will complement other textural elements you decide to introduce.

15. Modern industrial

Industrial and modern designs can easily be mixed because of their similar color palettes and textures. If you like both, you can incorporate them into your bedroom. Here, they've introduced a modern floor lamp with an industrial bedframe.

16. Unique décor pieces

Creating an industrial-themed bedroom allows one to incorporate unique items that wouldn't work in other design concepts. They've introduced a spotlight as a floor lamp and a cart side table to hold books and other knick-knacks. 

17. Light colors

Many believe that industrial design requires a bunch of dark colors. However, if you have a variety of textures, such as brick and metal, as well as an open concept, a light color scheme will work as well.

18. Wall art

Wall art can also be a nice touch for an industrial-themed bedroom. Choosing art deco and metal frames can work, but something more modern and simple can also complete your design.

19. Colored walls

Your walls don't just have to be red, white, gray, or black. You can incorporate different muted colors, such as this soft blue. These blue walls mimic cracking concrete and create a more youthful environment. 

20. Metal lighting

An easy way to incorporate metal texture into your bedroom is by installing metal light fixtures. These follow the industrial theme due to their distressed appearance, and the colors harmonize with the rest of the space.

21. Track lighting

If your industrial bedroom design is almost complete, but you'd like more emphasis on your brick wall or anything else, then installing track lighting or some strip lighting will help. The light will cast shadows down on the brick and emphasis its texture.

22. Space theme

Some like to incorporate space themes into their industrial design, per Decor Outdoor. The bedroom is the best space to do this, as it is personal and kept away from the rest of the home. You can use lighting, art, color, or a combination of all three.

23. Comfy furniture

Because industrial design has many hard and rough textures, it's crucial to incorporate soft options to create a sense of balance. Here, they've done this by adding a fabric headboard, as well as a leather side chair.

24. Metal wall frame

Instead of the typical wood framing on a wall, you can create a metal frame. This idea is unique to replace wainscoting and further perpetuate the industrial look.

25. Unique possibilities

Designing an industrial bedroom means installing materials unique from other spaces. This is especially true for your flooring, as porcelain tile mimicking concrete or anything else industrial will work beautifully.