Why You Should Never Buy Your Furniture At Target

No matter what you're shopping for, odds are your local Target has it. According to analytics group YouGov, Target is the number one most popular department store, ranking above other big box retailers like Costco, J.C. Penney, and Dollar Tree. Of course, Target sells a wide variety of items, from home goods to groceries, electronics, and more. And for college students and homeowners alike, furniture from the chain is appealing for its stylish and decorative appeal coupled with cheap prices. Many consider it comparable to what you'd get from the furniture behemoth IKEA, but also think of it as more accessible.

Before you go filling your home with the options in Target's furniture catalog, however, you may want to think twice. While the low price tag is likely to be appealing, you can bet that usually reflects an equally low quality of construction and materials. In the end, you may find out your money was wasted on cheap furniture.

Low quality materials

Target's cheap furniture prices don't come without good reason. While there are some brands that are well-constructed, the affordable Room Essentials line of furniture is almost all made out of medium density fiberboard (MDF wood), like this end table that only costs $25. MDF is a type of engineered wood, which is a lot less expensive than natural wood, explains Parade of Homes.

Because the material cost is low, that also means the quality tends to be just as low. Engineered wood isn't all bad, but in general, it can't support a lot of weight. For example, it may warp or even crack under an insignificant amount of pressure. So that inexpensive coffee table or TV stand sold at Target may catch your eye, but it's unlikely to last long and may very quickly bend or crack. MDF wood is also a lot more sensitive to scrapes, cuts, nicks, and stains; and it can't be easily repaired. If you're going to shop for furniture at Target, at the very least, check the product description to make sure it isn't made out of low grade engineered wood.