5 Scents That Can Help Your Home Sell Faster

Selling your house is a big adventure but also requires a lot of work. There are so many things to think about, which can sometimes become overwhelming. You want prospective buyers to see the potential of every room and space, and you also want to give off a good impression when they come to check it out. Considering everything from the paint to the floors is important, but did you know that the smells and scents within your house can either help or hinder a sale?

When people come to view a possible purchase, they are thinking about changes they will make and things they like in the property. They are also subconsciously (or consciously) picturing themselves in the house as residents instead of brief visitors. If there is a good, engaging scent throughout each room, they will associate the space with positive memories and the potential to build new ones there. According to U.S. News, smells can help convince a buyer, but bad odors will push people away and deter sales, so the following suggestions are great if you are trying to sell your home a little faster and might just help seal the deal.

1. Cedar and pine

Cedar and pine are both scents that most people associate with a positive thought or experience. According to Petty Son & Prestwich, any version of these that doesn't smell too strongly of household cleaning products is great, as they instill individuals with a sense of inner peace and well-being. Being out in the woods tends to relax the mind, so finding a good replicate and using it during showings will add a soothing effect to the atmosphere.

However, one of the most important things to remember is that you can't simply cover up bad smells with good ones. If your home is host to an unappealing scent, it is crucial to get to the root cause of it and remove it first. Hire cleaners, replace old units in the kitchen or bathroom that could be the problem, and scrub the entire house before considering showing it. Once everything is fresh, don't just add scented candles. These can be deceiving, but they might also alarm potential buyers and give them pause; it could put them off if they think you are disguising how the house usually smells. You don't want to add an aroma that is too potent or strong, either, as these can give people headaches or make them feel uncomfortable. Subtle, casual fragrances are best.

2. Citrus

Whenever you're looking for a mood boost, seek out citrus scents immediately. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that these aromas negate emotional stress and raise a person's mood after they come into contact with them. Using a fragrance like this inside your home will not only create a happy atmosphere for visitors but leave them with positive associations with the space. Some of the best options from the citrus family to use when showing your house are grapefruit, orange, lemon, and bergamot.

You can use sprays, candles, or plug-ins to induce these mood-boosting effects but just make sure to find something subtle and easy on the nose. Even with a scent that is proven to make people feel good, overdoing it can have adverse effects. Place candles in a bedroom or bathroom rather than in a central space or the entryway. These rooms are already thought of as relaxing areas, so including a gentle scent in there will bring about cozy thoughts.

3. Vanilla

Vanilla is another key scent to use in your home before showing it to possible buyers. This particular aroma offers a variety of benefits, including anti-anxiety effects and the ability to improve moods. Whether you think of fresh baked goods, or delicious desserts cooling on a countertop, this smell is sure to make you feel good inside and out. It provides a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, and using candles, essential oils, or plug-ins that feature vanilla-infused scents is a great way to make your home an inviting space for visitors.

According to The Vanilla Company, many real estate agents use this fragrance in houses they plan to show, which proves it is a tried and tested method to help your property sell faster. When buyers come and ingest the tasty, aromatic tendrils that are floating through every room, they might picture cozy nights on the couch, making cookies with the family, or a list of other special occasions spent with their loved ones in their new home. Helping them envision living there will generate the need to make an offer.

4. Herbs

Herbs aren't just for the kitchen cupboards. In fact, the refreshing scents of rosemary, cucumber, thyme, and cilantro all create appealing backdrops in any home that is being viewed. These clean aromas remind people of living in a house where they can cook, eat, and enjoy each other's company, all of which bring positive thoughts to mind.

Place basil, mint, or sage in the kitchen whenever the house is being shown, as these and other herbs are familiar and, therefore, comforting. Looking at new properties can be stressful, but associating a space with recognizable and intimate items will make it feel less daunting and more exciting for potential buyers.

You can keep actual herbs inside on the windowsills or out of the way to create an authentic fragrance or use essential oils that feature popular kitchen plants. Platt Hill Nursery recommends sticking with rosemary, cilantro, oregano, chives, and other fragrances of the abovementioned options when growing these tasty additions indoors.

5. Cinnamon

Being reminded of relaxing winter evenings spent curled up with loved ones is never a bad memory, and cinnamon invokes feelings of comfort and safety when used in the home. One of the best parts of using this scent is that you don't even need big candles or plug-ins because a few raw spice sticks are enough to fill a room with a delicious aroma.

According to Petty Son & Prestwich, cinnamon is also good for perking up sleepy minds and negating irritability. Having it present while people wander through their third or 10th house in a day might put them in a positive state of mind and chase away negative emotions.

If you're hoping to encourage others to buy your residence, placing pleasant and winning scents inside will help bring them to a decision more easily. Just like when you look for a new place to call your own, they want somewhere that looks and smells amazing, and by adding any of these options, you will give them exactly that and so much more.