30 Indoor Halloween Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

As soon as October rolls around each year, you may find that you're immediately whisked away into the realm of pumpkin-spiced lattes and idyllic Instagram photos of autumn leaves. You might also find yourself ready for the spooky silliness and freaky fun that comes along with Halloween. If that's the case, then you'll surely be eager to turn your porch into a Pinterest-worthy fall-inspired space as well as fill your front yard with Halloween décor. At the same time, you may also want to bring the seasonal vibe inside of your home.

As for getting started with your Halloween décor, there are plenty of options when it comes to the overall style. For instance, you could opt for something that's more mature and elegant or something that'll be super silly, according to The Times Herald. Beyond that, you might prefer a setup that's not too in-your-face or, on the other hand, your taste might lean toward the eye-catching, impressive, and dramatic. Of course, you'll also need to decide on whether or not your decorations will be appropriate for little ones and those who are easily scared or if you'd rather opt for décor that would suit a nightmarish horror movie.

With all of that in mind, be sure to check out the following indoor Halloween décor ideas that'll transform the inside of your into the perfect seasonal space.

1. Skull-shaped candle holder

Add a spooky vibe to your home while also providing your room with some mood-setting light by using a skull-shaped candleholder. While you could opt for typical white skulls, you could also choose something that's more dramatic like a dark black, freaky like a blood red, or slightly chic like a clear see-through skull.

2. Human skeleton

A skull is certainly creepy all on its own, however, an entire human skeleton — which is, of course, totally fake — will definitely make a scary statement when it comes to your Halloween décor. As silly or as horrific as you prefer, you could have your skeleton simply sitting on a sofa or lurking in a shadow-filled corner.

3. Animal skeletons

Add even more bones to your indoor Halloween décor by tracking down a few animal skeletons. Think along the lines of bats, rats, and even cats. While you could use real bones if you happen to have some at your disposal, you can certainly find fake animal skeletons at pretty much any store that sells seasonal decorations.

4. Indoor wreath

If you adore a seasonably appropriate wreath, then you might want one on more than just your front door. Instead, you can put up another wreath inside of your home. As big or as small as your room allows, you could buy a pre-made wreath or make one with twigs and leaves or perhaps little ghosts and spiders.

5. Autumn leaves

When the leaves on the trees start turning colors and fall to the ground, you know Halloween is on the way. That's why you can use autumn leaves as a part of your seasonal décor. Whether real or fake, leaves can be strewn around the room to make it look like it's time to trick or treat.

6. DIY ghosts

A craft that you can do alone or with kids, all you need to do is crumple a tissue or piece of paper into a ball. Then drape another tissue or piece of paper over the first to create a ghost. Add them all to a string and hang them up as part of your Halloween décor.

7. Witch hats

Menacing witches are classic Halloween characters which means that pretty much anything related to the frightening figures suits the season. In this case, a black witch hat that's adorned with webs and one that's orange have been placed on a table to create a little Halloween display. Placing them anywhere around your room would have the same effect.

8. Fall flowers

If you shy away from scary decorations and prefer pretty Halloween décor, then you might want to add fall flower arrangements to your home. While any orange, red, black, and yellow flowers would do the trick, there are plenty of fall flowers you could choose from such as chrysanthemums, dianthus, and black-eyed Susans, according to Costa Farms.

9. Knitted or crocheted pumpkin

If you love to knit or know how to crochet, then you can make pumpkins to add to your indoor Halloween décor. Whatever size you desire and as detailed as you'd like, your pumpkins will not only be adorable but you'll also be able to pull them out and use them again year after year.

10. Halloween banner

Turn your indoor space into an area that has a fun seasonal vibe or is ready for a Halloween party by adding a banner. You could choose one that features spooky animal shapes like spiders or black cats, or you could also have a banner that boasts pumpkins, ghosts, or a black and orange "Happy Halloween" message.

11. Black and orange balloons

Whether you're throwing a Halloween bash or want to celebrate the season every day in October, balloons can make your indoor space festive. Of course, for Halloween, you'll want to use black and orange balloons to make that festive atmosphere slightly freaky. Pop them on the wall or leave them on the floor to play with.

12. Mini haunted houses

When Halloween rolls around, you could certainly turn the entire interior of your home into what looks like a haunted house. However, if that's a little too much for you, then opting to add mini haunted houses to your rooms is a spooky alternative. These ones allow you to add candles that light up the homes' windows.

13. Witchy broom

In spooky stories, witches fly around at night on their brooms which is why brooms are also ideal Halloween décor. You can add a witchy broom to your home by finding one that's made of natural materials like branches or straw and either hanging it up on your wall or keeping it with a Halloween arrangement.

14. Glowing ghost

A ghost may be a dead spirit, but you can bring your ghostly decoration to life by placing a (heat-resistant and non-flammable) fabric figure over a lamp or light fixture. Along with the fact that the lamp will help to hold the ghost up and give it shape, the light will also give your ghost an eerie glow.

15. Creepy spiders

Make your skin crawl in a delightfully devilish way by leaving creepy spiders in various spots around your home. Fortunately, these critters won't end up crawling off anywhere, however, even plastic spiders can add a nightmarish vibe to your home. Make them seem like they're climbing up the wall, crawling across a table, or trapped in a jar.

16. Spooky potions

When used for magic, potions may promise to bring you love or riches along with a range of other desirable outcomes. On the other hand, when you mix up a few potions, you can use them as a part of your Halloween decorations. Simply find interesting jars in different shapes and sizes before filling them with colorful liquids.

17. Mummy figure

A mummy is another classic Halloween figure and can stand alone or creep you out alongside witches and ghosts. Although plenty of mummy-inspired items pop up around Halloween, this option would be easy to make yourself. Just use sticks or pipe cleaners to create the inner form and then wrap that up with gauze, cloth, or toilet paper.

18. Halloween calendar blocks

If you eagerly await Halloween every year, then you might appreciate something that helps you keep track of how close it is. These blocks allow you to turn them around as needed in order to display the month and day. Acting like a calendar of sorts, it also has a "Halloween" block that indicates the special day.

19. Pumpkin-shaped pillows

Real pumpkins are hard, however, these pumpkin pillows look wonderfully soft. While they give off the impression of white ghost pumpkins that happen to be fluffy, your pillows could be any color from typical orange to gothic black. They can also be placed anywhere in your home that you want to add a touch of Halloween décor.

20. Magical twinkly lights

Halloween might be a spooky time of year, but it's also a season that's filled with wondrous costumes, spellbinding tales, and otherworldly experiences. Capture that kind of magical ambiance by putting twinkly lights up around your room. While they'll give your home an eerie glow during the day, the light will be even more enchanting at night.

21. 'Boo' wall text art

Pop a spooky sentiment up directly onto your wall by using wall art. In this case, text art has been used to spell out "boo" which is, of course, perfect for Halloween and creepy enough. However, a spooky font that appears to be dripping or bleeding has been used to take the freakiness up a notch.

22. Gold pumpkins

Give your indoor Halloween decorations a chic twist by using gold pumpkins. Best to use fake pumpkins that won't rot, you could spray paint plastic pumpkins to achieve the look you want. Place them by a window that lets in a lot of sunshine or put them directly under a lamp in order to make the pumpkins shine.

23. Bat-filled branch arrangement

Here's another idea you could quickly and easily put together yourself or with others who enjoy spooky seasonal crafts; you just need a few thin branches as well as paper or plastic bats. Place the branches in a vase and attach the bats to the branches with string or glue. Make it even creepier with fake webs.

24. Wine bottle candle holders

While wine bottles might not be an obvious addition to your indoor Halloween décor, they can truly transform into something that gives off a creepy vibe when used as candleholders. The more wax from the candles that drips down on the bottles, the better — and creepier. They'll look especially so when the candles are lit and flickering.

25. Terrifying treasure chest

You'll surely spot a pirate or two when little ones are roaming around your neighborhood each Halloween to trick or treat. You can also add pirate-inspired touches to your home with items like a treasure chest. Give your decoration a hint of creepiness by having a skeleton hand reaching out from inside of the pirate's treasure chest.

26. Spooky cauldron

Pretend that you're whipping up a powerful brew or simply add a witchy touch to your Halloween décor by placing a cauldron in your home. If you're lucky enough to have access to a large cast-iron cauldron, then you can put that out on display. Otherwise, you can use a fake plastic version of any size.

27. Halloween chalkboard sign

Chalkboards are a great way to jot down notes for your family, leave yourself reminders, or add a little art to your home with doodles. For Halloween, you can do the same while keeping the seasonal theme in mind. Find a chalkboard that has a gothic or weird design, and fill it with spooky or mysterious messages.

28. Creepy cobwebs

Real cobwebs may not be something that you want to see around your home during the majority of the year, however, fake cobwebs can add just the right amount of creepiness to your interior Halloween décor. String them along your fireplace mantle, drape them across your walls, and have them hanging down from the door frame.

29. Painted pumpkins

Pumpkins are gorgeous, especially since you can now get ones that are green, blue, and pink, among other colors, according to Reader's Digest. However, if you want pumpkins in your home that are even more interesting to look at, then you can paint them. Opt for designs that suit Halloween, such as black moons and orange stars.

30. Eye-catching gourds

Gourds are something that's harvested and sold around the Halloween season, which is ideal, considering the fact that some tend to look like tiny pumpkins. Of course, gourds also come in a wide range of other weird and wonderful shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns that you'll love to have in your home during the month of October.