20 Ideas For Creating A Pinterest-Perfect Fall Porch

Finding yourself unable to resist buying up pumpkins, real and faux, at the store? Scanning Pinterest for Halloween crafts and DIYs? Already have a group chat about this year's Friendsgiving? Then you may have a case of fall obsession. Who can blame you? Hobby Lobby has their fall displays up toward the end of August, and people start flocking stores in early September, said a Hobby Lobby employee in an interview with Sequoit Media. And as a person who just can't get enough of autumn, you may be ready to start decorating your porch. Decorating the porch for fall makes a lot of sense, especially considering you'll soon have trick-or-treaters lining up your front walkway. 

To help you get inspired for all the fall decorating, we've put together 20 great ideas for making your porch stand out from the rest. Once you've got your fall porch all decorated, get ready to enjoy your morning coffee (or pumpkin spice latte) in style.

1. Bring the corn maze home

Dried corn stalks are the perfect fall porch accessor. They can be tied around columns with just a bit of twine for a rustic autumnal vignette. 

2. Lean into modern farmhouse designs

Take a page from Joanna Gaines and use plenty of true white with black accents, and keep the decor in muted shades of cream, grey, and green. 

3. Get creative with planters

If you have a pair of wellies that are worse for wear, add a bouquet of real or faux cut flowers — a darling, shabby chic fall porch display. 

4. Layer your doormats

You can often find novelty door mats with a cute pun for a great deal, but they can also come in small sizes. Layer your novelty mat on a plaid or other black and white patterned rug. 

5. Pots ain't just for flowers

Have some urns or other large pots that have dormant flowers and dried-up soil? Toss a few gourds on them for a tiered display. 

6. Give your pillows a sweater

You aren't the only one who's ready for sweater weather! Macrame or chunky textured pillow covers give throw pillows a cozy makeover. 

7. And give your chairs a blanket

To take your patio furniture from summer to fall, just toss a throw blanket over them. Buffalo plaid, paisley, and other autumnal prints are a happy addition. 

8. Take the candles outside

The warm flickering glow of candles gives the porch steps some mystery and is super inviting. Opt for faux candles you can control with an LED light — just be mindful of them melting. 

9. Mellow yellow

While you may associate lemony yellows with summertime, consider adding some buttery mums and yellow gourds to your fall display. 

10. Get custom cushions for your porch swing

If you have a porch swing or bench that you never seem to use, try adding some cushions and throw pillows. You'll find yourself spending more and more time on your porch furniture when you invest in comfort. 

11. Double up on wreathes

If you have double doors, be sure to hang a wreath from each. The symmetry has an amazing impact and elevates the front porch design.

12. Mums the word

Mums are a popular choice in fall flower displays because many are late-season bloomers. That means you can have a few potted mum plants well into November. 

13. Incorporate southwest design

Southwest patterns and colors are great ways to incorporate bright and warm designs into your fall porch display. Try a wool throw blanket or pillow to add some color this fall. 

14. Feelin' batty

Not sure how to make a fall display that looks great all season long but doesn't miss out on the fun of Halloween? Consider cutting out a few paper bats with a stencil and some construction paper for a next-to-nothing budget craft. 

15. Use complementary colors

Use complementary colors to make your design pop. Blue house? Opt for orange decor. Black door? Go for white. Learn how to use the color wheel to create eye-catching designs.

16. Bring Hogwarts home

Whether you're an alumnus of Hogwarts or have an aspiring witch or wizard in the house, try out some floating candle sticks to give your porch a touch of magic. 

17. Build your own pumpkin patch

Bring the pumpkin patch straight to your yard. Get a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, some with bumps, others with lumps, when selecting pumpkins, then line your path with them. 

18. DIY a fall wreath

Create a fall wreath using dried leaves and grasses in your desired color palette. You can even attach a few mini pumpkins or other faux gourds. 

19. Make your porch glow like a Jack-O-Lantern

String lights can make all the difference in your porch design. Wrap them around your bench, swing, or line the door frame with them. Just be sure to use indoor-outdoor lights to avoid damage. 

20. Follow the spiders

Don't forget to have fun with your fall porch display! Attach a few furry spider friends to the side of your house for a playful but spooky touch.