Can Carpeting Hurt Your Home's Value?

When house hunting, some homebuyers are turned off by the property once they notice its carpeted floors. According to Lifecore, 54% of potential buyers would purchase a more expensive home with hardwood floors than a more affordable home with carpet. This is mostly due to the stigma around having carpet in the house — that it's difficult to clean and not aesthetically pleasing. Even on a health level, a hardwood floor is safer than carpet because it doesn't collect the dust, mold, and dead skin that can make you sick, Sparkle and Shine states.

Anytime you make renovations to your home, you should take the time to consider what value the renovation brings or takes away from your property. This is especially true when it comes to redoing the floors. When your home has carpeting, or you're looking to add carpet, it does create a difference in value when you decide to sell your home. That being said, does carpet hurt your home's value or increase it?

It actually adds value

While hardwood floors have their perks, the carpet does too. Carpets are undoubtedly more comfortable to walk around on, especially in the colder months. Nothing feels better than getting out of bed and putting your feet on a warm, cozy carpet (which also cushions your fall if you take a tumble). Additionally, carpet absorbs noises in your home, making it easier for you to sleep or focus on work while others watch television or listen to music, CRI explains. It also softens the sounds of footsteps as people walk down and up the stairs.

These features will increase the appeal of your home and draw in potential buyers (via Real Simple); however, if your house is still rocking its original beige carpet from the '90s, it's time for an upgrade. Modernize your carpet with textures and patterns, or keep it simple with a neutral option. No matter what style you choose, make sure you clean it before showing the house. Nothing will turn a potential buyer off more than a stained carpet. Also, keep it contained to a few rooms in the house, like the bedrooms and basement (remember, buyers still want their hardwood floors).