50 Bold Eclectic Kitchen Ideas You'll Want In Your Home

While the sleek, minimalist aesthetic has taken interior designers by storm, that doesn't mean it's for everyone. Some people prefer a much bolder approach, such as eclectic design. The eclectic aesthetic is defined by experimenting with multiple textiles, materials, movements, and styles, per Decoraid.

Modeling a room after eclectic design can brighten it up, with all the different colors and materials complementing and contrasting one another. With such an interpretive aesthetic, there's no wrong or right way to achieve the look. However, trying to find a place to start can be overwhelming. On the one hand, you may find yourself with too much going on at once in terms of textiles and patterns. On the other hand, you may not do enough. Your kitchen is a fantastic place to start playing with bold and eclectic design styles since there are many different materials, shapes, and patterns at play.

1. Retro and bright

A great way to start playing with eclectic design elements is by basing them on another aesthetic. Start with retro inspirations like bright, cherry red appliances and décor. Then, pair it with teal cabinet fronts and some expertly placed clutter for a gorgeous, eclectic kitchen.

2. Pops of pink

Bright and bold colors are another great way to get into the eclectic style. If you want to be a bit more cautious to start, replace some kitchen basics like kettles, bowls, towels, and oven mitts with bright pink alternatives.

3. Have fun with patterns

Patterns are a great way to be bold and eclectic. Swap out your plain floor tiles and backsplash for a bold pattern. You can even go a step farther and include them throughout your kitchen.

4. Bold red accent wall

A more simple option for adding some bold flair to your kitchen is with an eye-catching accent wall, such as this stunning burgundy shade.

5. Teal backsplash with red accents

Play with color mixing and contrast in your kitchen with a bright teal backsplash paired with bright red accents, including kitchen décor, furniture, cabinet handles, and more.

6. Olive green cabinets

For a more uniform but eclectic approach in your kitchen, paint your cabinet fronts a beautiful shade of olive green. Keep it simple and pair it with more earthy neutrals like cream, wood, and copper.

7. Industrial black and green

Eclectic design usually combines two or more décor styles. Combine industrial black steel structures, such as kitchen shelving or appliances, with contrasting bold and flat Kelly green.

8. Autumnal flair

If you're a fan of seasonal fall décor, play around with the cozy eclecticism in your kitchen. Mix shades of red, orange, and yellow with carefully cluttered pumpkins, pinecones, and other autumnal motifs.

9. Cottage clutter

Playing around with natural and raw textiles is a great way to achieve an eclectic look. For a cottage house approach, mix unfinished woods with copper finishes, sprinkling in some plants and flowers.

10. Subtle pops of color

If you want to get into color matching but don't want to do too much too fast, consider subtly incorporating a softer color like pink. Add dusty rose ceramic ware, towels, flowers, glasses, etc., around your kitchen for a light but practical touch.

11. Play with dark tones

Dark colors are always sure to strike it bold in your kitchen design. Play around with dark cabinets, wood tones, and appliances paired with grays and whites to neutralize them.

12. Preparation area

A dedicated preparation area can help create more space in your kitchen and give you the option for some controlled clutter. Make a dedicated tea or coffee station, baking area, or a combination of all three.

13. Open shelving

If you need more storage in your kitchen, consider open shelving, which is the perfect opportunity for some eclectic design choices. Add colorful decorative bowls, paintings, plants, and more between your extra appliances and food storage.

14. Merry and bright

Like autumn, the holidays are an excellent opportunity to add bold and subtle eclecticism to your kitchen. Add lots of greenery, faux or natural wood, wicker, stars, string lights, and more.

15. Ceramic ware shelf

Consider displaying them on your kitchen shelves if you're an avid mug, bowl, or dish collector. They'll add a pop of color, textural difference, and a sense of uniqueness and personality.

16. Retro yellow and red

For a super bold, in-your-face look, paint either one wall or the whole room a bright, retro-toned yellow. Add some decorative red accents to compliment it.

17. Industrial chic

While industrial aesthetics tend to be sleek and modern, they don't have to be. Combine raw materials like brick, steel, and tile with softer ceramics, woods, and flowers or greenery for a unique, eclectic look.

18. Pops of yellow

While color mixing is a great way to achieve an eclectic look, consider just picking one bold color, like yellow. Make it eclectic by changing the materials up — tile backsplash, vinyl cabinet fronts, metal light pendants, etc.

19. Center around a pattern

For a more straightforward approach, pick one bold and bright patterned textile, like a multicolored rug, and center the whole kitchen around it.

20. Mustard and Tiffany blue

Picking two colors and using them in multiple shades and materials in your kitchen is a super effective method to create an eclectic feel. Two shades that are classic together are mustard yellow and Tiffany blue. Pair with simpler whites and wood tones to keep from overwhelming the kitchen.

21. Dark backsplash

Your backsplash is a great space to make a bold creative statement in your kitchen. Opt for a dark shade like navy paired with raw wood tones for a nice contrast.

22. Checkered tile

A striking pattern is sure to make your kitchen feel bold and eclectic. A simple black and white checkered tile on your floor and backsplash will add a whimsical, bold feel without overwhelming the room.

23. Shades of green

Green is a solid and effective color and is excellent for color matching. Using a muted aesthetic throughout the kitchen and a calming wood tone, you can have a lot of fun intentionally cluttering the room without going overboard.

24. Monochromatic blue

Go incredibly bold with an entirely blue monochromatic kitchen. Mix tones, textiles, and patterns — chevron multi-colored tiles, dark blue cabinets, a darker blue island, matching walls, etc.

25. Lime green

Some colors are more effective at instantly achieving a bold and eclectic look than others. One of those is lime green, and this can be tricky to pull off, so calm it down with white and blonde-toned wood colors.

26. Black and white brick

Another bold backsplash option is brick. The brick texture will always add a unique look to a room, especially your kitchen. If the red is too much, cool it down with monotone brick.

27. Bright cobalt and yellow

To bring some intense colors to your kitchen, embrace a Southwestern style with bright flats, like cobalt blue and yellow. Pair with terracotta, clay, and brick accents for an authentic feel.

28. Stylish rose and emerald

Pair a soft dusty rose with deep emerald green for a stylish, somewhat vintage, but nonetheless bold and eclectic approach. Add in some rose gold accents and marble to top it off.

29. Subtle purple and gold

Another bold color combination for your kitchen is soft purple and gold. Mix with lots of greenery and wood clutter for a more eclectic but stylish look.

30. Soft and cozy

There's no reason bold and eclectic styles can't blend well with cozy and warm environments. Opt for softer shades like pastel blue or baby pink paired with light wood tones, lots of carefully placed clutter, and warm and bright string lights.

31. Texture with plants

Plants are a great way to naturally texturize a room, making it feel eclectic without overwhelming it. To make an otherwise plain white kitchen stand out, add many plants of all different textures, colors, shapes, and sizes.

32. Loft style

Another way to make an industrial space stand out and eclectic is to play with textures. For example, look for a raw wood statement light fixture paired with multiple wood textures for your cabinets and storage. Compliment the wood with many metal accents in silver, steel, gold, and rose gold.

33. Bold backsplash and hardware

The best part of the eclectic aesthetic is that you don't have to stick to one bold accent. Match a bright, peacock green backsplash with standout gold hardware, and top it off with a rich wood-tone accent.

34. Work with small spaces

Making a small space feel eclectic may seem challenging without crossing over into cluttered and overwhelming. Keep it simple with a stark black and white color contrast with lots of different textures and materials. Throw in an accent color with a runner to brighten it up.

35. Make use of all surfaces

For a truly eclectic, perfectly messy approach, use every space, including, but not limited to, open shelving, counters, stovetops, windowsills, and even the top of your vent hood, if possible. Be careful to balance your items and not just haphazardly throw things everywhere.

36. Vintage blue and gold

Vintage and eclectic styles go excellently together. Mix vintage silhouettes with fierce blues and gold tones for a bold, stand-out approach to your kitchen design.

37. Play with different wood tones and textures

Another way to achieve a more subtle but eclectic style is by combining multiple types of wood tones and textures. Pair wood-paneled walls with wood floors, butcher block countertops, and numerous wood cabinet fronts.

38. Sophisticated black and gold

Eclectic and bold don't have to mean kitschy and bright. You can also have a super sophisticated kitchen in an eclectic style — pair sleek black appliances and cabinets with gold trim, adding fun to the mix with pink accents.

39. Wood and steel

For a more industrialized, commercial feel in your kitchen while sticking to a bold stylistic choice, pair steel appliances and cabinetry with rich, strongly grained wood. Tie it together with matching countertops.

40. Make use of wall space

Don't neglect wall space when designing your eclectic kitchen, but don't overdo it. You can hang steel bars on your walls above counters to store pots, pans, utensils, etc. Pair it with expertly placed counter clutter varying in texture and color for a harmonious overall look.

41. Make use of steel

Don't forget steel when designing a bold and eclectic kitchen. While it's a more subdued hardware color than gold or copper, it can stand out if used in large quantities.

42. Patterned backsplash

Patterns are a great way to add an eclectic touch to your kitchen, but they don't have to be bright and flashy to be effective. Pick a simple but bold pattern for your backsplash for a hint of eclecticism.

43. Vertical space

If you have a smaller kitchen, instead of overwhelming your counters with lots of horizontal décors, make use of your vertical space, including cabinets, storage, shelves, and decorations.

44. Vintage and refurbished pieces

Creating something new out of an antique piece of furniture is a great way to include some bold and eclectic flair in your kitchen. For example, paint a kitchenette or cabinet a bright teal shade and pair it with other colorful and antique decorations.

45. Rustic style

If you want an eclectic style in a rustic kitchen, consider looking towards a more historic, Mediterranean rustic style. This includes deep-toned woods, gold and copper, and beautiful patterned tiles.

46. Show off your pots and pans

While you can easily stack your pots and pans in your cabinets, that's better suited to a more streamlined, simple style. To make your kitchen feel more eclectic, consider hanging and displaying your cookware, mainly in tones of copper or other bold metals.

47. Classic French style

Consider a French-style kitchen if you want a more classic and timeless style but still quite bold. For color, this means a rich, deep French blue. In terms of stylistics, this means an emphasis on displaying cookware, utensils, spices, etc.

48. Play with copper

Copper is a bold and eclectic metal by itself and only adds to those design elements in your kitchen. Consider displaying copper cookware and utensils and swapping your kitchen hardware for copper.

49. Bold light choices

Your light fixtures are also an excellent opportunity to add some eclectic panache to your kitchen. Hang multiple pendants for a trendy industrial feel, or look for one prominent statement fixture.

50. Above the stove

While you already know to use wall space for decorative purposes, don't neglect the area above your stove. As long as you keep fire safety in mind, there's a lot you can do to create a bold and eclectic scene in that small space, like hanging your utensils, oven mitts, spices, etc.