How To Steal Ashley Tisdale's Natural And Cozy Home Style

Ashley Tisdale is primarily known for her hit television features such as "High School Musical" and "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody," via IMDb. However, the actress has since ventured her way into home design. According to Architectural Digest, some of her previous projects include remodeling a kitchen with her dad as well as working with other designers, including Jake Arnold and Pierce & Ward. After joining Kelly Wearstler's interior design class, Tisdale took it upon herself to begin her own design company called "Frenshe Interiors." Yet, despite all of these accomplishments, the "Picture This" alum still hadn't designed an entire house by herself. That is until she moved into her most recent house.

Even though Tisdale's pad was ready for her and her husband, Chris French, to move in, she still wanted to make it their own. However, this proved to be a challenge as she was pregnant and the world was in the middle of a pandemic. She then turned to Instagram and online retailers to furnish her home. She states she has a design philosophy to be inspired by the home itself, although she doesn't stick to this if it doesn't work for the home. Luckily, the actress was able to fall in love with every piece she decided upon for her new estate. From neutral tones to quirky designs, here is how you can steal Ashley Tisdale's natural and cozy home style.

Make the basics neutral

As per YouTube, Tisdale states that she's never been a fan of color and wanted to design her home using neutral tones. To accomplish this, the actress decided to keep many of the rooms to a basic color palette. In the living room, she opted to start with a white sofa from 1971. The age, along with the simple color, allows it to feel vintage and natural. After the main seating was decided, she then took off from there by adding light wooden chairs made by Sabin as well as tan wicker chairs from JF Chen. To finish the larger furniture in this room, she incorporated a marble table designed by Apparatus. In another area, she has a collector's Hans Wagner chair that consists of whites and beige tones.

Much like Tisdale, all you need to do to incorporate this theme into your home is to add simple toned furniture. Whether your main accommodation is a sofa or loveseat, this should be a basic color such as white, beige, or light tan. Coastal Living Real Estate Group says these neutral colors each come with their own variety of shades and hues. This creates a lot of room for creativity, so you can make the room your own. Remember to mix these colors up as well, so they aren't too bland. It's perfectly okay to add a lighter shade of tan to a darker hue or another color completely.

Add dashes of color

Despite not caring for a ton of color, according to YouTube, Tisdale enjoys adding brighter tones into smaller areas. There's a white bookshelf within a sitting area with bright colored books for décor. A pink throw blanket resides on the sofa that has the same tone as the flowers on the coffee table. Over in the dining room, everything is simple, basic, and cozy. The ceiling and walls are white with a brown accent wall, while the table and chairs are a dark wood tone. However, Tisdale decided that the cushioned seating on these chairs should be medium green. This allows them to coordinate with the trees outside nearby, bringing the two together. On top of the table resides a simple vase with a bright pink arrangement. These two simple touches brighten up the room to give it a chic feel.

As Professional Staging points out, accent colors in a neutral-toned room can draw your eyes to the more important features. To bring these touches into your home, all you need to do is find areas that can use a splash of bright color without going overboard. Add cut flowers to an end table or a dining room setting. Throw a random-colored blanket or a bright pillow on a seating area. If you want to get more creative, you can add a pale-colored accent wall or paint the trim around the room. Simple details like these can keep a home fresh and new.

Work around a focal point

One of the things that worked in Tisdale's favor is the overhead light located in one of the sitting areas (via YouTube). She stated that this allowed her to base the rest of the room on this one feature. Since this light had a yellow hue, she incorporated a yellow chair to balance the two and bring the room together. While focal points aren't necessary when decorating, they can also help you design a room. Pella Windows & Doors states that this is the area where you are first drawn to when entering a room.

Creating a focal point in a room is a simple process. If a room contains a fireplace, then that can be your natural centerpiece. However, if it does not have this aspect or you want to draw attention elsewhere, you have many options. Another focal point that can come into play is windows. If your home or room contains an appealing outside view, consider making this area your point of interest. This, combined with the natural light, will allow for the room to have a clean and fresh feel. A specific color can also be the focal point by including the same shade of décor throughout random spots in the room. Just be sure the focal point is a statement of what you want your room to be.

Give the kitchen a minimalist look

When it came down to the kitchen, Tisdale didn't have a lot to work with. As per YouTube, there was no pantry and not a lot of space for storage. However, the former Disney star made do with what she had by keeping the room as organized as possible. She opted to use every drawer in the kitchen to its full capacity. The center island also doubles as a seating area in this room for more space. It's an open and hallowed storage space with neatly stacked dishes and kitchenware. Of course, this room is also full of earthy tones, which helps further the minimalist look Tisdale was going for.

The biggest way you can design your kitchen with this type of look is to keep it simple. Not a lot of extra or large furniture is needed in this room as it will take up valuable space. Becoming Minimalist also points out that not a lot of dishes are needed. Plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs can be kept at eight each as you most likely will never house more guests than this in your home. If you do, there are many alternatives you can use, such as paper or plastic dishware. This area should be kept at a neutral color scheme as well to further keep it simple. Remember to keep clutter off your counters, as this could decrease the look and make your kitchen appear unorganized.

Add in some quirky elements

Every residence needs something that stands out. For Tisdale's home, this concept was incorporated into many furniture pieces. According to YouTube, her dining room contains a dresser made by Sabin. This piece is a medium brown and has wave-like features on the front of the doors. Over in Tisdale's office is a tall Noguchi museum light. Resembling a sky lantern, this piece is simple enough to fit into any aesthetic and brighten it up.

Of course, there are endless ways to add quirky designs to your home. Obviously, you can take Tisdale's cues and bring in some unique shaped furniture. A dresser, a table, or even a chair are some of the choices you have. However, if you want to keep it simple, it can be as easy as switching out a light fixture or displaying some uncommon décor. To keep it personal, consider making these pieces a replication of who you are and what you love. This doesn't have to cost a lot and can be gradually done over time.