The Best Ways To Organize All Different Kinds Of Clothing

When it comes to storing all of your clothes, you have two main options: folding or hanging. This is a debate that you may be having with yourself or others time and time again. Truthfully, there is no real answer to what you should do. Everyone has their own desires and opinions on where they want to put their garments. However, some methods are better than others. As Dream Closets points out, not every clothing material should be folded, and some shouldn't be hung.

Where and how you store your clothes depends on many factors. Some clothes can get wrinkled if they're folded, and other garments can stretch out and become misshaped if hung up. Therefore, each individual item should be taken into consideration based on its own material and design. If you're looking for guidance regarding this task, here are the best ways to organize all different kinds of clothing.

What you should hang in the closet

There are many clothes that should be hung in the closet. According to Closet Solutions and Organizers, hanging up your clothes can help prolong their life. It also keeps your wardrobe more organized than storing it in a drawer. You'll even have better access to them as you won't have to shuffle through stacks to find a specific shirt or blouse.

For the most part, flowy pieces such as dresses and blouses can be hung up. Usually, if you are wearing one of the two, you're going somewhere nice; therefore, you're not going to want to store them in drawers. In doing so, they will likely end up with wrinkles. Just remember to buy some non-slip hangers, so they don't fall off.

Likewise, pants are notorious for wrinkling, especially khakis (via Classroom). While many choose to fold these, which is perfectly okay, you may want to switch them over to hangers. You can do this by either folding them over the hanger or hanging them by their belt loops. Lastly, any jacket should be stored in the closet. Jackets can typically be used for years and years. Hanging them helps keep them in shape, so they last as long as possible.

Clothes you should be folding

In opposition, some clothes are better kept folded. Bakers Centre Laundry states that there are many benefits to folding clothes that you don't get when you hang them up. For example, it allows you to have more space for other accessories and more clothes. Hangers take up space and let clothes dangle freely. Folding, on the other hand, keeps clothes tightly together. If organized correctly, you can also store them with other clothes of similar nature.

According to The Laundress, sweaters should always be folded to prevent misshaping. For the most part, these garments are heavy and can easily stretch out and become unwearable. Shorts are another clothing item that should be folded. Unlike jeans, you can't fold them over the hanger and store them on the clothing rod. Luckily, jean shorts don't get wrinkled as easily as other materials, which allows them to withstand being stored in a drawer.

It may also be a good idea to fold up your activewear. Many exercise clothing contains spandex and other material that stretches. Hanging them up will cause them to stretch more, whereas folding them in a drawer will keep them in the shape they were intended for. Lastly, it goes without saying that your personal garments, such as socks and undergarments, should be folded. Not only are these nearly impossible to hang up, but folding and placing these items in drawers allows them to be more concealed than in a closet.