5 Creative Ways To Add Arched Doors In Your Home

If you enjoy the look of Spanish Colonial or Roman architecture, incorporating arched doorways will enhance your home to fit either style. This structural design element adds charm, sophistication, and elegance to the entire space. Likewise, they'll drastically change the home's look regardless of narrow or wide entryways. Lifestyle blogger Emily Henderson claims folks should put arched doors in every doorway to create a cohesive look and allow the home to tell a story.

There are a variety of arched door styles that range in color, texture, and shape that you can choose from to suit your home. If you're unsure whether to add arched doors, Henderson advocates for them because they give the house a softer look instead of a traditional boxy appearance with sharp corners. In addition, arched doorways create momentous transitions from room to room that will give you a cozy and heartwarming feeling when you pass through them. We know deciding which arched door style to put in a home can be challenging, so we gathered five of the best creative ways.

1. Arched doors in the kitchen

Adding arched doorways to your kitchen is an easy way to change the space's ambiance. Tiger Door touches on various ways to style arched entryways in a kitchen made of different materials, such as stone, wood-lined, or brick. They work best if you prefer an open layout with structural element details that stand out. But arched doorways can create privacy in the kitchen from connecting rooms. Try a sliding door for a unique look; you can decorate the arches' outline with wood or marble, depending on the interior of your kitchen. Another option is replacing the pantry doors with striking heavy wood arched doors.

Tiger Door states that arched doors bring shape and smooth lines to a traditional kitchen with flat cornered walls. Instead of a bland rectangular white door, install large wooden doors for a rustic look, white double doors with glass panels for a modern feel, or keep the arch open to allow fluidity between the rooms. The arched doors contrast with the different geometric shapes used in the room. Also, find other ways to incorporate arched d├ęcor, like the style of hanging lamps, to add grandeur and extravagance to the kitchen.

2. Arched front door

A classic arch style can take place as your front door. It immediately sets the tone for the rest of the house before walking inside and boosts the curb appeal. According to The House Designers, arched front doors work best for a wide double-door entryway to fill the entire space. But if your home doesn't have double doors, there are different styles for a single door, such as symmetrical and asymmetrical. If you enjoy a traditional look, opt for a symmetrical manner with the highest curve point in the center. On the other hand, an asymmetrical style works better for a modern look since the arch is higher on one side of the door.

Mixing materials such as wood and glass can spruce up the front door to make it appear less dull. For example, decorative glass can be placed above the door and around the sides of the wood frame, states The House Designers. Glass comes in different styles, such as clear glass, stained glass, frost glass, and ornate glass, that could make the front door look elegant. Try matching the glass with the windows to make it look united.

3. Arched shower door

One of the most luxurious ways to make your shower feel like a sanctuary is with an arched doorway. Frameless shower doors work best for arched entryways in the bathroom. According to Thompson Remodeling, frameless shower doors are made in any size to fit the entrance of the shower, such as a narrow single-standing shower or a wide spa-like shower. In addition, frameless shower doors are easier to clean, prevent mold, and allow natural light to flow into the space. Arched shower doors easily add elegance and glamour to the bathroom.

The arched door adds height to the shower. Styling it with multi-colored tiles creates a Spanish-style look, or try neutral tiles for a minimalistic surrounding. On the other hand, placing tile trellis wallpaper can be an easier way to decorate a Mediterranean-style home. A perfect showerhead is essential for creating a relaxing experience and connecting the interior. From there, decorating the interior with your favorite shower products, a few plants, and soothing sounds like ocean waves will create a vacation vibe. You'll be looking forward to your showers every time.

4. Arched laundry door

Spruce up your laundry room with an arched door that'll make folding an endless amount of clothes feel effortless. Also, arched doors can add character to the laundry room and the rest of the home. Home Decorating Blogger Halfway Wholeistic transformed the entrance to her small laundry unit from a regular rectangular doorway to an arched doorway. After switching out the cabinet handles, installing new ceiling lights, and adding vertical paneling, the laundry room was brand new.

Whether you have a smaller or larger laundry room, an arched doorway will elevate the look and feel of it. Closing off the laundry room to create a private and clean space can make laundering your clothes more accessible. Instead of carrying your hamper or detergent back and forth, everything will be organized in the laundry room. Decorate the area with clean embellishments, like sleek white cabinets to store detergent or smooth granite countertops to be used as a folding station. For a touch of color, pick out a soothing tone of green for the arched door or a wooden door for a rustic style and added texture. Make your laundry room a peaceful area.

5. Arched bedroom doorway

If you're looking for a small way to change your bedroom drastically, consider replacing your bedroom door with an arched doorway. It'll bring an opulent look to the room regardless of the style. For example, a contemporary-style room might include a simple white arch that can create a cohesive look with the rest of the space. Then, to make it a focal point, paint along the outline with a bold color, like orange or blue. On the other hand, a Mediterranean-style bedroom might incorporate wood-lined or wood finishes with arched doors that will add interest and contrast.

Incorporating bows, or arches, are great to add in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms to separate them but still visually connect them, claims home interior blog Decorate. Arched bedroom doors benefit smaller houses by creating a flow between the rooms. Remember that this arch style lacks a physical door, but you can add a curtain to create privacy. The curtain can act as a door without swinging it open, preventing it from occupying the room. It also allows you the opportunity to add more color to the room.