5 Ways To Elevate Your Fire Pit For Fall

As soon as the temperature begins to dip, one of our favorite ways to warm up is to sit around the fire pit for a cozy evening under the stars. Seiler's Landscaping notes that fire pits add to the ambiance, are romantic, show kids the joy of making and eating s'mores, and can even be used to cook flavorful food! Not only is a fire pit functional, but according to Starsong Outdoor Furniture, it's also a great way to bring the family together, whether you host weekly home dinners around a roaring fire or plan an outdoor movie night.

Fire pits can generally be picked up at a big box store like Home Depot or Lowe's, as well as your local hardware shops. While we love using them all summer, fall is the perfect time to enjoy them as the weather cools off. Here are clever ways to elevate your fire pit during autumn.

1. Make it the focal point

We suggest picking up a beautiful fire pit that will be the main event for any patio or deck. This modern home has floor-to-ceiling windows looking out to the terrace, which we think is one of the house's most popular hangouts. This homeowner went with a sophisticated seating area with tan-colored seating and a large gas fire pit, which is the space's focal point. 

According to Fixr, there are several pros to installing a gas fire pit, such as its being environmentally friendly, quicker to light, and offering homeowners a clean burn. However, the downside is its price tag, with the company saying it costs between $900 to $3,800 to install. Per Woodland Direct, there are a few tips to keep in mind for safety before installing a gas option, including putting it in a flat or leveled area, ensuring that the fire pit is at least 6 feet from anything, and being sure to select the correct fuel type!

2. An option with a table

This fire pit is an elevated style surrounded by a table, which would be ideal for hosting family dinners, late-night s'mores, and having your friends over for mulled wine as soon as fall weather hits. Give it an extra dose of fall by displaying ambient candles and your favorite fall flowers like burgundy mums. Don't forget plaid pillows in red, black, and white, and a cozy throw blanket to finish off this adorable outdoor look!

According to Rolling Stone, these fire tables can be pretty heavy and durable, so this is something you'll want to keep around for a while, so choose materials wisely. Per Firepits Direct, these options, sometimes called tabletop fire pits, come in a variety of styles like round, rectangle, or square and different materials such as concrete or durable aluminum, so there's something for every taste. Opting for one of these styles can elevate your patio instead of going with something more traditional.

3. A gorgeous option with access to your decked-out shed

If you've caught onto having a shed on your property, whether it's a she-shed or a shed you've transformed into a bar or office, we love the idea of setting up your fire pit adjacent to it. As Decorilla points out, transforming a shed has many benefits, such as having a space to work or utilizing more innovative storage solutions for the family.

This homeowner decided to create a unique space with seating for a cozy vibe that you can enjoy as soon as the temperature drops. This idea would elevate your fire pit for the fall and beyond since you can utilize these backyard spaces, which would be great for entertaining or spending some quiet time with the rest of your family. To prepare it for fall, Terry Lin, chief design officer of Outer, an outdoor furniture brand, tells the Washington Post to add rich fall colors to your accessories. "Summer was about vibrant, citrusy colors, but for fall you think about rich, warm shades like earthy reds, yellows and ochers. It's a simple task to switch out your textiles and do more layering outdoors in the same colors that are happening in nature," says Lin.

4. A hidden gem on your property

If you have lots of outdoor space on your property, you may want to consider going all out with a gorgeous fire pit area. This stone fire pit is lovely and features several Adirondack chairs surrounding it, and it is the perfect spot to hang out all evening. Whether you have a cabin part-time or a similar home year-round, creating an area like this would be ideal for gathering family and friends — think about the s'mores you can make around this fire. It turns out that DIYing a stone fire pit is easier than you think. 

According to Dengarden, you'll want to find the ideal location for your fire pit, which should measure between 14 to 16 feet and be away from trees and other debris. We love that these homeowners found stone around their property to create a stone fire pit so that you could do that or source materials, too; be sure to find out if you have permission to use the stone you find naturally. Per the Home Depot, you could also use concrete blocks or pavers. This could be a fantastic weekend project for anyone that wants to elevate their fire pit for fall!

5. An option with suitable storage

There's no need to have piles of unsightly firewood strewn across your property when you can upgrade to one of these fabulous options. Consider a steel fire pit with storage like this one where you can input the wood around the pit. Not only does it look beautiful, but it's functional as well. 

Before pulling the trigger on which fire pit to go with, Rei suggests looking at several factors. The company advises researching how well it grills (for cooking items over the fire) like fan-favorite s'mores or hobo stew, its appearance, and how well it can heat an area. One of the best parts about these fire pits is how portable most are, per CNET. We love how they bring friends and family together and make gathering easy even as the weather dips. If you go for an option with storage, you'll have everything at your fingertips.