How To Get Spare Parts For Your IKEA Furniture For Free

After spending your time comparing options and finally deciding on the perfect bookcase, chair, or table from IKEA, you have to take it home and put it together. That's a bit of a struggle for some, but with the style and affordability, you decided you would do the assembly yourself. Rent states it's both worth purchasing IKEA furniture and that most projects aren't too hard to build. Once you've motivated yourself to get it assembled, however, finding that you're missing a piece can be frustrating. You just wanted to get through the process quickly, and now what?

When you're faced with a missing bolt or screw that's critical to the build of the IKEA furniture piece, pause the process. Don't try to use items not meant for their furniture, for one. You also don't have to take it back and deal with a return process. Instead, there's a simple way to get the spare parts you need without having to even leave your home.

IKEA offers a simple solution

Let's say you have a problem with a missing piece for a Hemnes, Billy, or other IKEA furniture. It could be a small dowel that holds a rod in place or cam locks that keep tables secure. Go to the IKEA website where you'll find a spare parts section. There, you can find the item you need by looking up the identification number from your assembly instructions.

Don't have those instructions any longer? You can search for the item on the site and find the product details section. From there, look up the assembly documents within the product details; it may be a downloadable file. That way, if you need a replacement, it's super simple to find the identification number for it. Once you find the part, add it to your cart and check out. There's no charge for the component and IKEA will send it right to your door — and that's a simple IKEA hack that makes building furniture a bit easier.