How To Steal Demi Lovato's Electric And Colorful Home Style

Demi Lovato started her career as a child actor when she made her debut on "Barney & Friends," via IMDb. However, her rise to fame came when she landed the starring role in the Disney Channel original film "Camp Rock." During this time, she also began her music career, which is what she is most famously known for today. Her latest album was the first album that she's worked on in her new estate, according to Architectural Digest. Lovato stated that she wanted her new music, along with her six-bedroom and seven-bath house, to be a replication of who she is and the journey she is on. Therefore, she was able to simultaneously create the two uniquely and creatively.

Much like her career, when it came to designing her new pad, Lovato had some help. Her head of security was able to put her into contact with designers Kat Bell and James Drew, who founded Argyle Design. Together, the trio was able to create the home the "Tell Me You Love Me" singer had been visualizing. However, they needed a fourth hand when it came to the artwork. This is when the director of an art museum in Los Angeles, Eva Stea, was hired to complete this task. From the many rooms within this 8,500-square-foot home to all the décor within them, here is how you can steal Demi Lovato's electric and colorful home style.

Display furniture that pops

One of the most important features of Lovato's home is the bright color furniture, via YouTube. The first room within the large estate is the reception area, where a bold yellow couch resides. The singer states that it helps brighten up this maximalist and detailed area. In what the former Disney star refers to as her glam room, she has a bright pink chair in the shape of a ribbon designed by artist Pierre Paulin. In the singer's hang-out area, which she calls her shroom room, she has a rainbow-colored sofa with a few matching chairs. Lastly, in one of the bedrooms of her home, she has a uniquely shaped chair that is a bold blue color.

There are many ways you can incorporate bright and colorful furniture into your home. You can start with the main pieces within your residence, including the sofa or chairs. However, you can take a more subtle approach as well. A natural-colored dining room chair or bar stool can display bright-colored cushioning. Soho Concept also recommends toning down magenta and pink with neutral colors as they can become challenging to work with. In addition, don't be afraid to add other bold items to your furniture pieces, such as throw pillows or blankets.

Create dark rooms with natural light

The main living room of Lovato's home, according to YouTube, is painted a dark eggplant color. Installed in this area are several floor-to-ceiling windows without any blinds or curtains. The actress states that the natural light from this area illuminates the entire room. While she thought the dark shade would make the room look cold and enclosed, it actually made it feel warm and cozy. To add to this, she has a large and uniquely shaped pendant light just to give it an extra touch and use for nighttime.

While the star opted to use a creative color for her sitting area, you can use something simpler like black or dark blue. In addition, you can opt to use two different dark colors or have an accent wall. After you choose your shade, you need to figure out the type of lighting you desire. Of course, natural lighting from windows is the best way to go. Keep all blinds and curtains open for maximum light. Ruffle & Brown recommends installing sheer curtains as these are thick enough for privacy but thin enough to let in light. You can also install extra lights or display lamps around the room if this area doesn't have enough natural brightness.

Add wallpaper everywhere

One of the many features you'll notice throughout the home is the array of wallpapers, via YouTube. Located in the kitchen is one of the brightest wallpapers within her residence. It's a bright yellow shade that features flowers made by Gucci. She stated she chose this to keep the area distinct from the living room. Just down the hallway, the celebrity has a black and white quirky wallpaper designed by Porter Teleo. In addition, this artist designed a similar black and white swirl wallpaper within her reception room. Lastly, in the glam room, she has an accent wall of palm trees that she says reminds her of the Beverly Hills hotel.

Adding wallpaper to your home can be a tedious but fun process. The amount of designs you can choose from is unlimited. Like Lovato, you can choose bright colors or a simple black-and-white theme. In addition, you can decide to have more or less detail than what the singer used. Silk Interiors states that you don't have to wallpaper a whole room. You can opt to have one or two accent walls. Furthermore, you don't have to wallpaper a full wall either. Depending on several factors, such as the size of the room or wall, you can get away with only covering a section of it. Just remember to have fun with it and customize it to best fit the room as a whole.

Include some quirkiness in every room

Perhaps, the biggest aspect displayed in Lovato's residence is her quirky and unique décor. As per YouTube, within the main sitting area, she has a black leather pig displayed simply because she can. In the same area, she has a light brown mushroom as well as vintage lamps made from onions and resins. Within the dining room, she has a few small oval chairs that aren't big enough to sit in. Her shroom room also contains a chandelier shaped like a cloud and changes colors.

It can be simple to give your whole house a quirky and unique feel. Think about the things you like that may not seem normal. It doesn't have to make sense to others as long as you like it. Much like Lovato's leather pig, it can be something that adds a finishing touch to a room that can potentially be enjoyable to others at the same time. Go rummage around thrift shops and yard sales for these items. Additionally, consider a DIY tactic if you have a certain item in mind. This way, you can customize it and create exactly what you want.

But also keep it personal

According to YouTube, within Lovato's music studio, she has several of her awards displayed across the walls as well as on floating shelves. Lovato speaks of her love of crystals, and throughout many rooms of her home are several different types of crystals. Her bedroom contains a large selenite as well as an amethyst. More amethyst crystals can be seen on all of the lamps within the room. Back over in the glam room, the singer has a neon sign on the wall that says "You're never fully dressed without a smile." This is a sentimental touch as the singer recalls doing beauty pageants growing up and singing a song of the same title.

Of course, not everyone can display Grammy Awards like Lovato. However, at some point or another, many of us have all won some kind of academic or athletic award that could be displayed if desired. In addition, you can add family photos or sentimental items given to you by family members. Or buy pieces from retailers of the things you love such as art pieces. As per Wit & Delight, this will add more character to your home as well. Doing so will give you the chance to share with guests who you are and the things you hold close to your heart.