The Unique Design Feature Christina Hall Used For A Boho-Industrial Feel

HGTV personality Christina Hall is an expert at seamlessly blending design elements to achieve stunning results. From her work hosting "Flip or Flop" and "Christina on the Coast," she has helped to meld the styles of different homeowners throughout her renovations to create one harmonious feel in the final reveal. With a focus on well-being and casual style, Hall has showcased her personal sense of design and way of living not only through her various HGTV programs but also in her book "The Wellness Remodel," as well as her line of home furnishings called "Christina @ HOME."

Throughout episodes of "Christina on the Coast," Hall balances life as a mother of three while running a successful design company that strives to help her ever-expanding clientele with renovations that make their dream home a reality, according to HGTV. In dealing with so many personalities, Hall and her team are able to skillfully work towards a final result that lays the groundwork for a new home style. In an episode entitled "Zen Kitchen Transformation," Hall takes a 1950s home and helps the owners to drive it into the modern era while holding on to the natural elements that make it warm and inviting. The result is fabulous and births a unique look that amalgamates two unlikely design elements, which complement the whole room. Let's see what feature is responsible for bringing the look together.

What is boho-industrial design and how can you achieve the look?

While pulling together the final look in the kitchen for the episode "Zen Kitchen Transformation" on the HGTV program "Christina on the Coast," host Christina Hall had a stroke of brilliance regarding the space's lighting. Initially, the homeowners had a small yet bulky ceiling fan, which suited its purpose before but had no place in the updated design. Instead, Hall opted for two pendant light fixtures that had a perfect harmony of industrial design with warm brassy elements, which added to the homeowner's earthy vibe with an updated modern feel, according to Realtor. Hall dubbed this new boho-industrial look ideal for the couple, and we are totally on board. But how can you add a sense of boho-industrial decor to your own home?

To pull off the look, it's a matter of balance. You should have earth-toned elements and warm natural materials for a boho-chic vibe. Use paint colors ranging from pale greens to rusty oranges or even calming beiges. These tones matched with potted plants and rich wooden furniture can bring out the bohemian style. Now to incorporate the modern industrial elements — these can come in the form of steel side tables or even wrought iron light fixtures. Although at first, these pieces may seem cold, if they are paired carefully in the right setting, it could help to showcase the more natural qualities in the modern decor.