The Best 2022 Halloween Decorations At Michaels

Spooky season is quickly approaching, and for some of us, it's already here. It's never fun trying to find last-minute Halloween decorations, especially if stock quickly depletes and you're stuck with the leftovers, so starting early is key. Your first step should be finding inspiration, then deciding how to best execute the design for your home. There are different Halloween aesthetics to follow, such as mysterious and dark gothic, warm and casual rustic farmhouse, or elegant and minimal modern, per Bindle and Brass.

Once you've grasped your desired Halloween look, it's time to go shopping! It can be overwhelming to find the perfect store and items, so we've selected some of the best Halloween decorations you can find at Michaels. This retailer is best known for selling art supplies, home décor, and custom frames, per Michaels. They have a specific Halloween section with a variety of products, as well as prices.

Beautiful and scary

The design of a front porch is never finished without a beautiful wreath. They easily add more color and texture to your front door, ultimately creating a more appealing visual. Hanging a wreath can be quite simple and affordable, as you can use cohesive wall hooks and picture fasteners to hold it up, per ProFlowers. Using this tactic to hang your wreath can help prevent any damage to your door.

A colorful and spooky choice for this Halloween is the Red, Pink, and Black Flower Halloween Wreath by Ashland from Michaels. The black leaves on the wreath provide the perfect backdrop to contrast against the deep red and bright pink flowers. What gives this product a spooky edge is the large skull at the top, as well as two small skulls to the left and right. The product has a 24-inch circumference and is made of polyester, styrofoam, twig, and plastic. The current regular price is $60. 

Ghostly pillow

As the seasons change, so do your throw pillows. It's fun to swap them out for something that will match the current color scheme of the season. The Retro Ghost Pattern Spun Poly Throw Pillow from Micheals is a great option, as the pillow can introduce more color into your space in a subtle and adorable way. The black background works as a great contrast for lighter furniture, and the white ghosts really pop out to fill your home with the Halloween spirit. On the pillow, there are also retro, orange symbols — similar to a flower or snowflake — which can be used as a beautiful way to complement other orange décor pieces in the room.

The rest of the pillow is decorated with white dots to keep it bright and fun. This throw pillow is currently about $56 and is 18 by 18-inches big. Both sides of the pillow are filled with this ghostly pattern, and it's made of polyester with a polyfill filling. This pillow should only ever be spot cleaned or dry-cleaned if needed.

Pumpkin galore

In order to create a stunning tabletop design, you must create layers. Your first layer can be created with a table runner. The Fall Pumpkins Polyester Twill Table Runner from Michaels is a simple and beautiful design and will work well for those aiming for a rustic, farmhouse aesthetic. It has an off-white background and a pumpkin pattern that runs horizontally along the fabric. The pumpkins are colored with a faded orange, which gives the runner a nice, distressed look.

The light color on the runner is great for those with darker décor pieces, as they will be able to contrast and pop out when placed atop the fabric. This product is 72-inches long and 16-inches wide. It is made of polyester, and it is advised to machine wash this runner but then leave it to air dry. It is about $56, but it also comes in a longer size of 90-inches long (via Michaels), and the price for that is about $67.

Frightening yet versatile

When purchasing décor items, the best pieces are always the ones with more than one use. For example, a garland can be wrapped around the columns of your front porch or up the railing of your stairs. The Garland Black Branch with Bat by Ashland from Michaels is eery but also a great item to introduce to your Halloween décor scheme. It's 6 feet long of sparkly, faux, black branches with a few charming bats attached. The texture of the branches is powerful enough to change the entire mood of a space and can be beautifully paired with pops of orange and purple.

Don't let the idea of hanging a garland on a staircase scare you, as it is super simple. Sanctuary Home Decor says you can purchase decorative garland ties to use in securing the item to the banister. Another simple and affordable option is using zip ties to really make sure the garland doesn't get loose. There is a loop at the end of the garland to help homeowners secure it wherever they desire, and it is made entirely of polyethylene, polyester, and iron. This product is about $22.