5 Ways To Furnish Your Nightstand To Get A Better Night Sleep

Your bedroom is your cozy respite from the world — a place where you go to rest, recuperate, and get some time for yourself. Designing and organizing everything in this space is important, as it should reflect the pleasant emotions you are trying to convey. You pick the comfiest sheets for the bed, and stock the dresser with your favorite clothes and ornaments, so why should your nightstand be any different? This vital piece holds all the necessities to help you get a good night's sleep, so make sure to fill it with valuable items. According to Medium, owning one of these tables makes your life easier, so organizing it will ensure optimal ease.

Everything in the room plays a part in how you sleep or rest. Lights, candles, clocks, and other accessories contribute to the atmosphere. Being mindful of what you keep near the bed is essential, and from the minute you lay down to the moment you get up, these pieces will affect your conscious and subconscious mind. The following furnishings will help create a better vibe for your routine but will also aid in forming a safe, cozy, enjoyable space to cuddle up. 

1. Add a lamp

A lamp is one of the most useful items to keep on your bedside table. Having a light nearby can create the perfect situation for reading, writing in a journal, or even meditating before bed. Instead of using your phone or tablet for light, placing a warm-bulbed lamp will allow you to relax and let your body wind down after a long day; it also has a calming effect on your sleep space. Blue lights, like the ones found on electronics, simulate daytime luminescence and might cause your brain to assume it is time to wake up. 

Another perk of having a lamp near the bed is easy movement around the room after dark. Most light switches are located near a doorway, so turning off the overhead light can be hard to navigate the space. With a bedside light, you can control everything from under the covers, allowing for easy illumination or darkness. A Blissful Nest recommends finding a taller lamp to add height to the table, creating a pleasant dimension whenever your sleeping area is beheld.

2. A tray or dish

Taking off jewelry, accessories, and glasses before bed is standard practice, and having a tray or dish on your nightstand to hold small valuables is priceless because it keeps them safe. Rings or earrings can roll off flat surfaces, or other items might knock them out of sight, but a tray will keep everything together. Your eyewear is also fragile, so using a slightly elevated space to keep them will ensure bigger ornaments don't damage them.

Keeping a dish or tray also reduces clutter, making the bedside table surface look clean and organized. Small pieces scattered on the nightstand's surface can begin to look messy and overwhelming, but having a designated area for jewelry and loose change will make the setup more approachable. Once you've gotten into bed, remembering to remove a watch or bracelet can seem tedious, so place it in the dish until the morning when you can put it away correctly. Buzzfeed believes attractive ceramic trays can make random objects look organized and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Purchase an alarm clock

These days, a phone serves as an alarm clock in most scenarios. While this is incredibly useful, it can also contribute to disrupted sleep patterns due to the phone being so accessible at night. MarketWatch notes that people who sleep with their phones nearby can suffer bad moods and be exposed to the radiation emitted by these devices. Instead of relying on the item you keep in your hand all day to wake you up, invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock or clock radio.

There are various options on the market, and many offer white noise, calming frequencies, or meditation aids that help you fall asleep and stay that way. When they go off in the morning, you can turn them off instead of being tempted to start scrolling immediately. Keeping a clock on your nightstand is beneficial for scheduling and routine, but it also gives you space from social media, digital engagement, and technology in general. There is nothing wrong with going old school while you sleep and picking up your phone after waking up naturally.

4. Grab a coaster

Enjoying a nice cup of tea before bed can be incredibly relaxing, and many people prefer to have a glass of water nearby while they sleep. While both are common, they can be detrimental to your nightstand if you aren't careful. Splashes and spills happen, so always keep a coaster on the bedside table to protect the wood, metal, glass, or other materials from damage. Drink rings, discoloration, and stains are standard but can be easily avoided with a handy coaster.

The aesthetic is one of the perks of adding these handy items to your table. You can use yours as decoration or ornaments, finding fun patterns or engaging textiles to place front and center. Coasters don't have to be boring — in fact, many come in stylish designs that can create a whole theme, either on the nightstand or throughout the entire room. You might even consider crafting your own to find the perfect balance within your space. A Blissful Nest notes that small trinkets and additions can make a bedside table look finished and complete.

5. Choose a table with a drawer

One crucial factor to consider when picking out your bedside table is storage. While most of your furnishings will sit on top, a drawer or shelf can add more space for belongings. At night, the drawer can hold books, journals, and even electronics that don't fit on the nightstand's surface. Placing your phone or tablet inside to get some distance will also relax your body, especially if you usually see the screen light up.

The table doesn't have to feature multiple drawers, and just one is fine for adding storage without feeling too bulky and will allow you to spread out a little more. Keeping the table's surface decluttered and tidy is good for your body and mind, which is another reason a drawer or several come in handy. If you tend to place many items on tables and desks, Lessclossf Home Tech recommends opting for the extra storage. Stick to keeping lamps, clocks, trays, books on top, and everything else inside the storage spaces.