5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Open Shelving In Your Kitchen

Your choice of storage influences how functional and appealing your kitchen will be. The two most popular types of kitchen shelving today are the closed and opening kitchen storage designs. While closed storage has been the homeowner's favorite for some time, open storage has only started getting trendy again in the last couple of years, mentions Shoreline Construction. Today, this interior storage design is no longer a fad that only looks good on Instagram but has found a space in most homes. Open storage design provides a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics, which is what every kitchen needs. 

Moreover, this type of storage is versatile and goes with any kitchen design, whether contemporary, rustic, or even Victorian. There is always a way for you to incorporate open shelving seamlessly into your style. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that this type of storage will not work for everyone; however, if you want to introduce some unique style into your kitchen, give open shelving a try. If you still doubt implementing open shelving in your kitchen, here are reasons to convince you otherwise.

1. It is a budget-friendly upgrade

Try an open storage plan if you are tired of your current kitchen interior and need an upgrade. Sometimes, you might not have the patience and funds to change the interior paint or upgrade your existing cabinets. The good news is that installing open shelves is a project that is usually done within a day and might make all the difference to your interior appeal. Moreover, this project will not break the bank since you can easily DIY over the weekend. According to Mad City Windows & Baths, the average cost of installing open shelves in the kitchen ranges from $60 to $500. 

Also, open shelving gives you the luxury of choice regarding the type of material. If you are working on a tight budget, avoiding metal or glass for your shelves is best because they are pretty costly. Alternatively, consider prefabricated pieces or reclaimed wood that are relatively cheap, and with a bit of paint, the shelves will quickly come back to life. An open shelf plan can also be an excellent interim solution if you don't have the money to install closed cabinets in your kitchen.

2. Gives the kitchen some personality

Are you interested in giving your kitchen interior some personal touch? An open shelving plan will provide you with precisely that. From the selection of materials to the opportunity to DIY your own shelves, there are many ways of giving your kitchen some personality. With that being said, one of the ways open shelving can help you create a unique style for your interior is by having some of your prized kitchenware on display.

 Perhaps it's your favorite cookware that you just splurged on or a gift from a special friend; putting them on display will instantly elevate the appeal of your kitchen uniquely. What's more, you don't have to stick to one arrangement pattern, be creative and switch up the kitchenware every few months to achieve a dynamic appeal whenever you crave some change, via German Kitchen Specialist. For those not comfortable displaying all their kitchenware, you can start by introducing one open shelf for a few items. Gradually as you get more comfortable and like this design more, you can add more shelves.

3. Create a focal point in the kitchen

While creating a focal point in the kitchen is often not given priority, interior designers seem to agree that it is necessary for every room. For most kitchen designs, the primary focus is usually centered on functionality, safety, and convenience, via Kitchen Design Partner. However, implementing an open shelving plan in your kitchen gives you the unique opportunity to achieve all that while offering a focal point. Like the focal point in other rooms in your house, open shelves also allow you to experiment and introduce some color into your kitchen.

For instance, if the primary color in your kitchen is white, paint your shelves a darker tone to introduce some contrast and drama that will create a focal point. But that is not all. Open shelves also allow you to include different textures in your kitchen's interior, for instance, using natural wood in a modern design to introduce some traditional themes. This will break the monotony of contemporary design and create a point of interest.

4. Makes the kitchen appear larger

Every square foot is precious, especially for the small kitchen spaces. So if your kitchen feels more congested than convenient, it might be time to get creative. Some creative designs will go a long way in helping you develop a spacious vibe in the kitchen without necessarily knocking down walls. One way of making the space appear bigger is by replacing your bulky kitchen cabinets with smaller, open floating shelves. Cabinets take more space than you may think; it only becomes more apparent when you remove them from the wall. 

What's more, removing cabinets also allows enough light through all the windows into the kitchen. Replacing cabinets with shelves is a great way of adding additional storage space in your kitchen, via Inside Ellementry. Shelves are more versatile and can fit in those small awkward spaces that no cabinet would fit. Essentially, replacing your cabinets with open shelves does two things for you, create the illusion of a bigger kitchen and, at the same time, add more storage without losing a single square foot.

5. Offers convenience and keeps things tidy

Preparing meals should not feel like a chore, and one way of ensuring it stays like that is by keeping all necessities within reach. An open shelving plan gives you suitable storage space for your kitchenware and condiments, making it accessible not only to you but to your friends when they come over for dinner during the weekend. If you have several shelves around the kitchen, Food & Wine advises organizing the shelves based on the frequency of use. Essentials should typically be on the lower, easy-to-retrieve shelves. Another thing worth mentioning is that opening shelves will force you to tidy up the place because you don't have cabinets to cramp everything inside. 

Also, keeping track of everything you have in your kitchen is relatively complex when they are hidden away in cabinets. On the flip side, once you store your kitchen essentials on open shelves, it is easy to figure out what you have and dispose of what you don't need. If there is anything that needs to be hidden from plain sight, then that might indicate that it might not be worth having in the first place. However, don't take this to mean that you should do away with your old, unsightly cookware and appliances; instead, it is one way of ensuring you are up to date with the necessities.