The Huge Home Depot Halloween Decoration That's Going Viral This Season

Move over, muted fall décor; giant decorations are in, according to a Halloween trend report by PureWow. Demonstrating that bigger is often better, Skelly is a likely culprit to blame for this trend. Towering at around 12 feet tall, the giant skeleton first appeared as a trend in the fall of 2020. Lovingly nicknamed "Skelly" by the staff and patrons of Home Depot, this Halloween decoration fueled record sales for Home Depot in 2020, flying off of shelves before October even began (via Insider). Since then, he's inspired numerous TikTok hashtags and Facebook groups dedicated to finding Skelly in stores (per Morning Brew). 

Now in 2022, Skelly is making a triumphant return to Home Depot stores, and many people can't wait for him to haunt their front yards this spooky season. In addition to his intimidating size, Skelly has piercing blue, battery-powered LCD eyes that seem to follow you across the yard, waiting for the perfect moment to snatch you up. If you love how over-the-top the Skelly decoration is, you'd better hit Home Depot before it sells out!

Where you can find the giant Skelly

Even with a roughly $300 price tag, Skelly remains incredibly popular. Home Depot is working vigorously to keep Skelly and other giant decorations in stock, but ravenous buyers have seen the decorations sell out several times. As Halloween gets closer, demand for the massive skeleton will likely increase. If you must get your hands on this boney buddy before Halloween, your best bet may be to browse eBay or Amazon. However, secondhand buyers can expect to pay a pretty penny — up to $1,300, according to Morning Brew

If you're a DIY enthusiast, you could attempt to make your own version of the infamous Skelly or latch onto the trend with other giant decorations. Alan Perkins, a resident of Ohio, was even inspired to build his own larger-than-life décor, including a giant skull bursting through the roof of his home (via SPY)! If you aren't so handy with Halloween crafts, you may have better luck finding other decorations, such as Skelly's cousin, the 12-foot Pumpkin Inferno, in Home Depot stores or online. 

Creative ways to display your Skelly

If you've got your hands on this year's most coveted Halloween decoration, congratulations! Skelly adds a wonderful and terrifying charm all on his own, but there's more than one way to display your giant skeleton. Skelly's long arms can be posed to reach forward or hold objects like pumpkin pails, cobwebs, or spooky faux lanterns. Having Skelly interact with other decorations in your yard is a fun way to create an all-out Halloween scene. Pose him to chase other, smaller skeletons or guard your yard from wary trick-or-treaters! You could even take a note from Wanda Simone, author of Entertaining Diva, by creating a whole cemetery scene, letting Skelly tower over the tombstones. 

The possibilities are surprisingly endless when it comes to placing a giant skeleton in your yard. Some avid fans have even carried their Skelly into the winter holidays, dressing him up in Santa gear and string lights (via Insider). As for storing this 12-foot beast when the holidays are over ... now that's something truly scary.