Jenn Todryk On Why A Black Sink May Be The Better Option For Your Kitchen

Content creator, home improvement expert, and star of HGTV's "No Demo Reno," Jenn Todryk knows that a total home transformation doesn't have to come with a full-on renovation. Instead of turning your house into a construction zone and tearing down walls to breathe a new life into it, Todryk is a firm believer that it's possible to change your space by making simple home updates –- no messy, invasive, or expensive demolition necessary.

Not only does Todryk's philosophy help homeowners shorten their renovation timeline, but it also helps them save money by preventing them from having to undergo a 360-degree revamp. In fact, Realtor says that Todryk's way of adapting a space takes about a third of the time of a full renovation and only costs about half as much.

On "No Demo Reno," Todryk uses this philosophy to help people create their dream homes without breaking the bank –- and offers plenty of words of wisdom along the way. To that end, on an episode of the hit series, Todryk helps a pair of roommates transform their kitchen, and explains why a black sink is the best option for them –- and could be for you, too.

An unorthodox yet practical option

On an episode of "No Demo Reno" entitled "Cookie Cutter Chaos," Jenn Todryk helps best friends and roommates Melissa and Sandy transform their cluttered and cramped kitchen into a practical and updated space that better suits each of their needs — all while providing them with the room that they need to cook as much as they want (per Realtor). Because Melissa loves to bake and has tons of materials strewn about the kitchen without proper storage, the duo call upon Todryk to help them reimagine this room.

In addition to providing the pair with some much needed counter space and creative storage solutions, Todryk replaces their existing sink with a black one. Not only does this match their new black cabinets — leaving the space feeling super chic and modern — but having a black sink also serves a practical purpose as well: Because their kitchen sees more than its fair share of colorful –- and messy -– icing and fondant waste that can easily stain a more traditional sink, Todryk opts for a darker shade that will better hide stains. "You don't see all the gunk," she explained. "It's just dark, you know?" 

So if you are tired of scrubbing your sink all the time, a black sink might be a worthy investment to cut your cleaning time in half while adding a touch of character to your kitchen.