5 Shoe Storage Benches You Need For Your Entryway

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Living a busy, exciting life can sometimes involve a little clutter, which often collects in your entryway. Adding a shoe storage bench to your home's entryway is a simple way to stay organized. With so many designs and styles to choose from, you can find a bench to blend with your home's aesthetic and complement your décor. From rugged and rustic to refined and chic, there's one that will fit your style. Allison Lind, an interior designer from Seattle, tells the New York Times that an entryway is a wonderful chance to decorate an area many forget about. She asks, "Why wouldn't you utilize every inch of that space to do something personal and interesting?"

It's a pleasure to arrive home to an organized entryway and feel like the events of the day have settled neatly into place. This alone can help you relax and plan for the next day. Arranging your belongings on an attractive shoe storage bench will enable you to de-stress, knowing that you're prepared for tomorrow's adventures. 

1. Storage and flexibility

This Epesoware L-Shaped Entryway Shoe Bench is unique because it can be configured as an L-shape to fit inside the corner of the entryway or be used as one long bench. It's two benches of different lengths, giving you the flexibility to arrange the pieces in a way that suits your space. Made of bamboo, the bench is handsome, sturdy, and easy to clean. It features two shelves, which offer ample room to store several pairs of shoes; the unit also comes with two collapsible drawers. These drawers can be a handy spot to store items you'll need as you leave in the morning, such as letters to be mailed or library books to be returned. Having a central spot to locate these items will save time in the morning because they're already organized in a convenient spot near the door. 

Though the Epesoware L-Shaped Entryway Shoe Bench has garnered many positive reviews, a few consumers pointed out that some hardware was missing when the bench arrived. Fortunately, the manufacturer replaced the missing pieces when this occurred.

2. Hidden drawer

The advantage of this attractive Two-Tier Shoe Bench is that there is a place to store just about everything you're holding in your arms as you walk through the door at the end of the day. There's a slot on one end of the bench where you can drop your mail or the newspaper as soon as you arrive home. This slot is also handy for keeping an umbrella by the door that will be ready for you to grab in the morning. A small drawer hidden from view is at the other end of the bench, and it's the perfect spot to place your keys, phone, or any loose change from your pockets.

The two-tier design has room to store five or six pairs of shoes, and a larger space is perfect for a pair of boots. The bench is made of 100% bamboo, which means it can withstand a little moisture from time to time — like a wet umbrella or muddy boots from working in the garden. Customers who have purchased this bench appreciate how practical it is with so many different storage areas. However, a few reviews have also pointed out that the bench is not as large as anticipated, and they would only recommend it for smaller spaces.

3. Adjustable shelves

The best thing about the Soohow Shoe Bench is its adjustable shelves! You can choose from three different heights for each cubby. So, store the sneakers you wear to the dog park, but there's also room to keep your boots in a larger compartment by changing the shelf's height. If that walk to the dog park happens on a chilly day, the bench is also an ideal location to store an assortment of gloves, scarves, and hats for each family member.

Overall, the bench has a crisp white finish that looks clean and neat in an entryway, and the soft cushion on top of the bench can be removed for cleaning. However, with all of its advantages, this bench still has some drawbacks. One reviewer states that the shelves are slightly unstable, and the price seemed too high with that in mind. This bench would be a decorative touch for the entryway, but it may not be suitable to hold much weight. With just a throw pillow or chenille blanket on top, it could become a refined and polished addition to your home décor.

4. Rustic and sturdy

The iron frame and sturdy design of this IRONCK Storage Bench mean it can withstand a backpack slung onto its surface after school. The bar on the back of the bench is also useful because it protects the wall and offers spine support. The shelf beneath is wide enough for several pairs of shoes or even a duffel bag. Open the storage box, and you'll find ample room to store additional sports equipment, shoes, or maybe the dog's toys and leash, neatly organized and out of sight.

The reviews for this bench are overwhelmingly positive, with many noting how it's sturdy, attractive, and offers plenty of storage space. Several buyers indicate that the assembly can be difficult but occasionally requires a little problem-solving to complete the task. Overall, the IRONCK Storage Bench's rustic appearance and industrial frame make it an attractive and valuable addition to the home's entryway.

5. Modern farmhouse

This Oastreeful Grey Storage Bench, with its simple, clean lines, is a charming addition to an entryway. It is available in a beautiful shade of grey that blends effortlessly with a home's décor. The sturdy farmhouse seat is a stylish contrast with the metal legs and shelf beneath. The bench is not only elegant but practical, as it offers a perfect spot to sit when you arrive home and change into the comfortable shoes you keep on the bottom shelf. 

Reviews of this bench mention how useful it is, but they also point out that it offers less storage capacity than other options. The shelf below can hold several pairs of shoes but does not have the height to store tall boots, for example. If your purpose is to keep a few items and then add a decorative pillow or blanket on top, this bench would be a pretty and practical addition to your home.