20 Cozy Throw Blankets That Will Look Good In Every Room In Your Home

When choosing blankets to make your home a comfortable place, you might opt for a fantastic afghan, a chic coverlet, or a comfy throw. You also might be wondering about the differences between these blankets. While all are intended to keep you covered and provide a little warmth, typical blankets are meant to be used on your bed, according to the sleep experts at Casper. On the other hand, a throw blanket — or, as some simply call it, a throw — is meant to cover you and look stylish at the same time, whether used in the bedroom, living room, or any other space in your home.

Of course, seemingly endless throw blankets out there can suit different spaces and a wide range of styles. You might be interested in a thin throw that boasts a bold pattern or a thick throw that sticks to a solid shade. You might also want a throw that features fabulous details, or you may stick with something simple but still oh-so-cozy. To help narrow down the kind of blankets you would love to have in your home, check out these stylish and comfy throws that will look good in every room.

1. Sweater-like wool throw blanket

Imagine your favorite sweater — one that is both comfy and warm as well as stylishly cute — and then picture it as a throw blanket that offers you those same charming qualities. Using dark green wool, this throw has been knitted with a decorative design that will add an adorable little touch to whatever room it's in.

2. Thick knitted wool throw blanket

This throw uses a kind of wool so incredibly thick that it leaves the blanket looking beyond cozy. Although it sticks with a common knitted design, the plush nature of the material on top of the calming cream color means that it will add a hint of hygge to any space in your home.

3. Vintage knitted throw blanket

A blanket doesn't need to have a contemporary design to be stylish. Just take a look at this sweet vintage throw that is tight-knit and light but would still keep you toasty when you wrap it around for a relaxing night at home by the fire.

4. Classic plaid throw blanket

Whether you're interested in a rustic aesthetic, a country vibe, or a trendy touch for your home, you might want to pick out a plaid throw or two. While this particular blanket sticks with a red, black, and white design, you could opt for a plaid that has whatever colors work with your room.

5. Black and white patterned throw

If you're charmed by patterns, you might adore having a throw with an intricate and artistic design. While that may make it challenging to match it to a room with an established style, you can try opting for something that doesn't feature too many colors, such as this black and white throw.

6. Grey throw blanket with fringe

While you'll want to consider the material that your potential new throw blanket is made of and what kind of design it features, you'll also want to take notice of any possible accents or additional details. For instance, this grey throw looks super-cozy, while the fringe at the ends gives it a little flair.

7. Throw blanket with corner fringe

While fringe can line an entire edge, or every edge, of a throw, this beautiful blanket instead keeps it to the four corners. Thanks to the fact that the loose threads are the same color as the rest of the throw, the fringe almost blends in before puffing out at each angle.

8. Throw blanket with animals

A throw blanket can act like a large canvas, making it ideal for displaying designs. In this case, the throw features both backgrounds in solid colors as well as an artistic landscape and a few deer. Of course, if you like animals, you could opt for anything from fantastic woodland creatures to stunning sea life.

9. Oversized knitted throw blanket

This knitted throw looks ultra-cozy thanks to the thick wool. However, that's only one reason why you might want to have a blanket just like it. You'll also love that it's oversized and big enough to wrap up you and a partner or for your entire family to cuddle under during movie night at home.

10. Thin faux-fur throw blanket

By opting for a faux-fur throw, you can feel like you're snuggling up with a teddy bear every time you wrap the blanket around you. While this throw blanket is a warm white shade and is relatively thin, you could always choose something as thick as you desire and whatever color matches your room.

11. Throw blanket with fuzzy spots

The fringe on this throw blanket is here, there, and seemingly anywhere and everywhere it wants to be. Although there is fringe along the ends of the throw, there are also tufts of fuzzy fringe in the middle of the blanket. Comfy, cute, and chic, you could leave it in any room in your home.

12. Pelt-like fur throw blanket

If you'd like a thick and luxuriously soft blanket, you should consider a pelt-like throw. Offering you the same look as a real animal pelt, a faux option can be as large as you need, in any style you want, and will look fantastic whether used in a forest cabin or a contemporary loft.

13. Brown and teal throw blanket

This throw blanket is all about the colors used in the trendy pattern and a pretty plaid-like design. With chocolatey brown, delicious cream, soft tan, and fabulous teal shades used together in a light weave, this throw is so attractive and comfy that you might never want to take it off.

14. Yellow and white throw blanket

The angled weave that's been used to create this stunning throw blanket means that the dark yellow color is mixed in with lines of white. Beyond that, this throw has a long fringe at either end that features just the yellow shade, which has also been used to line the side edges.

15. Pretty light pink throw blanket

Add an extra touch of warmth to your home by choosing a pretty pink throw blanket. Along with keeping you from getting cold while also preventing you from overheating, thanks to the cozy but light material, this throw offers your room a dabble of warmth via the sweet, rosy color.

16. Waffle fabric throw blanket

This waffle throw blanket sounds as delicious as it looks and feels when wrapped around you. With bumps and little divets in the material like you would find in an actual waffle, hence the name, this attractive throw also uses a slightly fuzzy syrup-colored fabric to keep you wonderfully comfortable.

17. Patchwork quilt throw blanket

While you might have had a quilt on your bed while growing up or perhaps had a grandmother who displayed her needlework on the wall, you might not have thought of using a quilt as a throw. However, quilts can be a fabulous way to get handmade and customized throws for your home.

18. Fuzzy fleece throw blanket

Using fleece material for a throw can be a fabulous idea, especially if you want something warm and fuzzy. Beyond that, they are affordable and durable and can be tossed into the washing machine when they need to be cleaned.

19. Rattan throw blanket

Enhance the look of your chic-boho space or modern minimalist haven by using a rattan throw blanket alongside wicker accents and macramé décor. While a rattan throw isn't as soft or fluffy as other options, it will be hardy and handsome addition to your home.

20. Decoratively knotted throw

If you love macramé, you'll know that it can be used to make hangers for your plants, furniture coverings, and art pieces, among many other fabulous and functional items. That same craft of using knots artistically can also be used to add a creative embellishment to a throw blanket.