How To Decorate Your Bedroom If You're A Scorpio

Scorpio season is fast approaching, and it's the perfect time for those who fall under the most mysterious astrological sign to give their bedrooms a refresh and greet the season as their most authentic selves. According to Allure, this water sign falls between October 23 and November 21, known for being passionate, deep, powerful, and enigmatic. Just like the scorpion that represents them, those born under this sign may appear to have a tough, impenetrable exterior, but they are incredibly loyal, caring, and emotionally in tune. Similarly, a Scorpio home should be both serious and comforting at the same time.

In particular, a the bedroom should play up the astrological sign's mysterious, passionate, and creative nature. Furthermore, as the place where you retreat at night and where you start each day, your bedroom should energize you and encourage you to be true to yourself, which is particularly valued by the Scorpio sign. Below, we've rounded up some of our favorite Scorpio-inspired bedroom interior design ideas for inspiration.

1. Use dark colors

According to Horoscope, the spirit color of Scorpio is black, which perfectly suits the sign's mysterious and rather mystical nature. So, in general, you should opt for dark hues in your bedroom. Think deep blues, rusty reds, and dark yellows and oranges in addition to black. In place of white, try opting for grey as a neutral tone. The colors you choose should have a depth and passion that matches your own.

If you're not up for a new paint job, there are tons of other ways to deepen the color scheme of your bedroom. A dark-hued duvet cover, a set of heavy curtains in a moody shade, and dramatic large-scale wall art can all be used to make a big impact on the color palette of the space. Even if you do opt for a new paint shade, be sure to incorporate gorgeous deep hues throughout the entire room.

2. Invoke spooky fall vibes

Since Halloween falls in the Scorpio season, it is only natural that your bedroom embraces the spooky season year-round. In addition to incorporating fall tones that you might see on pumpkins, leaves, and dormant trees, L'essenziale recommends that you focus on creating highly masculine-inspired décors and represent this dramatic and mystical side of the Scorpio sign with gothic-inspired items such as candelabras, mirrored ceilings, candles, and chandeliers. Incorporating some antique pieces into your décor is another way to build an air of timeless coziness that's just a little bit creepy. Create an even cozier atmosphere by including candles with apple, cinnamon, spice, or other fall scents.

Your bedroom should be a serious space, so be careful not to go so over-the-top with your eerie-inspired décor that it treads into silly territory. Then again, Scorpios are boldly unapologetic and unafraid to take risks, so you might be able to pull off more dramatic trappings than you think.

3. Incorporate elements of water

The deep emotional intuitiveness of Scorpios comes from being a water sign, according to Allure, so invoking water in your bedroom can be a powerful way to honor this profound side of your astrological fate. Water is represented by round, flowing lines instead of rigid ones. Look for furniture and décor with sleek rounded edges, flowing fabrics, and rippled textures. Incorporate lots of silver and reflective surfaces, which also mimic the look of water. Mirrors, silver hardware, and glass objects all do well in a Scorpio bedroom, and a dresser with mirrored drawers could be a great accent piece to consider.

You might want to incorporate the element more literally into the space with the use of a small fountain or a sound machine playing the soothing noises of the ocean or a babbling brook. Finally, hang dramatic large-scale artwork of broody images of bodies of water or the moonlit ocean to complete the effect.

4. Make a statement

According to Mindbodygreen, Scorpios are famous for being bold and unafraid of controversy, so, if we didn't make it clear by now, you should not be playing it safe while decorating your bedroom. As such a mysterious and creative sign, Scorpios need their bedroom to reflect these traits in order to feel truly at home. Therefore, you should make sure to incorporate dramatic design choices that you won't find in everybody else's homes.

Opting for larger-than-life art prints, furniture with unique designs, and bold prints are all ways to make a statement in your space. Rather than shopping at popular furniture and home goods stores, you might want to try your hand at sourcing vintage or thrifted items, which are more likely to be unique. Finding furniture from estate sales would make a lot of sense for a Scorpio, which Mindbodygreen says is the sign most closely associated with death and rebirth and has no problem giving new life to one-of-a-kind treasures that once belonged to someone else.

5. Avoid harsh lighting

Considering the enigmatic nature of Scorpios, it only makes sense that the lighting in their bedrooms should match this vibe; the standard bright ceiling lights in most rooms are usually too harsh for those mystical signs. According to Dianne Decor, soft lighting makes a room feel cozier and dreamier than a bright alternative, which is another reason gentle lights are perfect for Scorpios, known for being one of the most sensual astrological signs.

Instead of bright lighting directed from the ceiling, add a variety of accent lamps in your bedroom and use candles for an extra romantic atmosphere whenever you can. Other unique options include chandeliers, twinkly string lights, and artsy LED accent lights. Also, go for soft-hued candel-like options and consider investing in smart bulbs so that you can customize the color and intensity of the light to set your mood and create the perfect atmosphere.