Kathryn Schultz

Photo of Kathryn Schultz
Brooklyn, NY
University Of Minnesota: Twin Cities
Farm-fresh Cooking, Bodega Snacks, Minnesota State Fair Food
  • While interning at Magenta Publishing in Florence, Kathryn covered the annual Italian Gelato Festival, where she enthusiastically sampled all 16 championship flavors.
  • Kathryn obsessively runs a food Instagram called My Hotdish, where she chronicles her many recipe experiments and New York City dining.
  • When she was a teenager, Kathryn did her very first food writing when she went in-depth on her grandmother's old-fashioned orange roll recipe for an online zine called Pop Culture Puke.


Kathryn has also written for Architectural Digest, The Minnesota Daily, House Digest, and Magenta Publishing. A lifelong food obsessive, she moved from Minnesota to Brooklyn in 2019 — partly for the restaurants. In addition to freelance writing, she has spent the last two years working at a community-supported agriculture stand in Brooklyn, bringing fresh produce into the neighborhood and connecting with chefs and other locals over a shared love of food. Kathryn loves to explore cultural and emotional connections to food in her work.


Kathryn graduated from the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture, and minors in Creative Writing and Art.
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