The Craziest 2022 Halloween Products That Will Really Shock You

Halloween is the time of year when homeowners can really explore their spooky and creative side, adding fun and funky touches all around their house. While subtle, chic fall-themed designs are great for incorporating the entire season, this particular holiday gives people the chance to get wild with their decorations, and for some — the bigger, the better. With that in mind, finding the perfect additions to your scary aesthetic is key, and there are some truly crazy options out there.

This year, why not build on the dangling spiderwebs and flickering pumpkins by kicking it up a notch? The following items will give your friends and family "pumpkin" to talk about, and leave your interior or exterior looking extra haunting. Even if you prefer more treats than tricks, these ornaments and accents can be used within any Halloween theme, and won't make it feel like too much. According to In Order To Succeed, one of the best ways to prep for the holiday is to gather all of your props before you start setting them out, so ordering everything ahead of time will save time and stress. Once they arrive, get ready to channel your inner ghost, ghoul, or monster, because the frightful fun is just beginning!

Hanging hands

Looking for the ultimate shock factor? Why not invest in these crazy candle holders, which can be adhered to a wall for a truly "hand-some" display. Choose from just one well-placed light, or purchase several to intersperse throughout a hallway or room. Your guests will be impressed and maybe a little creeped out by how good these look, and you can find them on Etsy for only $26.95 per candle. The package comes with screws, the faux candle, and of course, the holder.

Rather than having to turn them on by hand (no pun intended), the site notes that if you buy six or more, they will send a remote to control the flickering lights. According to scented candle maker Freedom 226, candles are an easy way to create a spooky environment when decorating for Halloween, which is why they feature so heavily during this holiday. Since this whacky and fun purchase includes the scary hanging sconces and the fake candles, your job just got a whole lot easier. Don't forget to pick up extra batteries, or someone might find themselves in a dark hallway filled with floating hands.

Mysterious mirror

If you're all about the frights on All Hallows' Eve, this terrifying animated mirror will fit right in with your decor. Featuring an unnerving and realistic depiction of a ghost trying to come through the faux glass, it's sure to give guests an unexpected surprise when they walk by. There are motion detectors inside the device, which transform the unassuming mirror into a haunting depiction of a ghost pressing its hands against the surface. If you don't know what was coming, it will surely give you cause to jump when you set it off, which is exactly the kind of thrill some Halloween connoisseurs hope for.

This truly unique decor item is perfect for a hallway or living room addition, and even comes with sound to add to the terrifying experience. You can find this piece and many other chilling options on Grandin Road, which has an impressive selection of all things Halloween. For only $143.20, you can be the proud owner of your very own ghostly resident — just until the spooky season ends. After all, according to History, the Celtic people believed October 31 was the one night of the year when the borders between the dead and living became blurred, and ghosts could walk the earth once again, so you'll be keeping in the spirit, right?