The Trending Holiday Decor Item At Target That Customers Can't Get Enough Of

With each season or holiday, Target hatches these ever-so-cute and jovial fabric birds. Small and ornamental, these fabric-based figures have been fashioned by the trademarked Spritz brand and distributed by Target since 2012. The delightful birds have become highly sought after among Target shoppers because of the alluring and sizeable selections that have emerged over the years, making them popular collector's items. Why do customers collect these quaint little creatures? From discovering a new character to the charm of the chase, there are a variety of unique birds to choose from each season.

Often priced at only $5, the various characters represent most holiday seasons through their clothes and attire. Made of soft polyester fabric and Styrofoam, the plush little statues typically stand at around 6 inches tall, making them ideal for accent tables, mantels, and other display areas. The birds are available in several collections, which each include a few figures. From warm and cozy winter birds to Halloween costume characters, collectors like Laura McIntyre can't get enough of their merry faces, notes Pinterest. Keep reading to discover why these birds are always in high demand at Target.

Creative, heartwarming décor

With small, round black eyes, puffed-up chests, and stoic little legs, Target's Spritz bird collections are dressed to impress from season to season. Collectors might visually display them in a cabinet like Comfort Couch Asmr, or place them in a holiday theme with other specific décor pieces. Whatever way they are presented, things can get creative, as the animated birds bring cheer and sentiment to a collector's daily life. Like a photo shoot, The Fabric Bird Lady regularly sets a scene with her fabric birds to celebrate holidays or events, via Instagram. From the fourth of July to Christmas, the designer has said that creating spirited images with her various themed birds emits a sense of delight, especially in more low-key moments.

With a presence to entertain, the Spritz birds are versatile, timeless pieces that can reemerge year after year. Many feature colorful clothing and accessories like coats, jackets, scarves, and hats. Perfect little pieces to enlighten the holidays, collectors might group them together or place them individually on bookshelves, cubbies, fireplace mantels, tables, or other places they will be noticed.

Fresh, new characters each season

With new Spritz bird characters frequently flocking to the shelves, so do the collectors. Depending on the Target store location, you may find various birds available, as the latest ones can be found all year round with each changing season. According to Allie Young, it's best to purchase a bird of your liking in the moment, as it soon may disappear. An avid collector since 2017, Young owns many Christmas and winter-themed also known as Featherly Friends holiday birds. The bird that initiated her passion is Quincy, who has a green body and features round glasses, a bowtie, and a jacket. Another unique bird she appreciates is Salvador from the Day of the Dead series.

As many of Young's favorite birds are sometimes hard to catch, the Spritz enthusiast has also said that she explores Target's Christmas décor section for smaller ornament versions of the birds. The collector's goal is to add birds from Easter, the fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day, and Valentine's Day to her collection.

Each comes with a specialized name tag

Like many toy or action figure collections, each character is specially made and individualized. Collector Allie Young also mentioned that each bird comes with a metal name tag attached to its feet, which includes the year it was manufactured and the series it belongs to. Many of the various series include three to four similarly themed birds, such as bats, witches, and pumpkins for Halloween, which adds to your seasonal décor.

Besides being fun and cute, each specialized bird gains its popularity due to its value. While being both individual and limited as well as being swiftly purchased, they may have a value beyond Target, explains Mercari. If a collector is looking for a certain bird or series of birds, it is possible significantly to find them through other retailers or websites. Depending on a bird's rarity and collectability, some have a significantly higher resale value.