How Much Does It Cost To Install A Garage Door Opener?

Like most things in life, paying to have a new garage door opener installed tends to be a lot pricer than if you complete the installation yourself. According to Home Depot, a basic garage door opener installation will cost you around $100, although other online sources list the service as being much more expensive, and this doesn't take into account the cost of the opener itself.

When considering how much you're likely to pay when hiring a professional to install your garage door opener, it's important to have realistic expectations about how long the installation will take. According to Garage Door Doctor, you can expect an average garage door opener installation to take around 4 to 6 hours. However, some experts with plenty of experience will be able to install your unit in a fraction of the time that it would take you. Since the national average cost for a handyman is roughly $60 per hour (per Thumbtack), you can see why a $100 installation bill might be a bit optimistic for most homeowners.

DIY garage door opener installation

If you're a thrifty homeowner who strives to keep costs down, installing your garage door opener yourself is probably your best bet. Thankfully, this is a task that most homeowners probably already possess the tools for (per Home Depot), although a proper installation is sure to take a few hours of your time. In addition to sturdy clamps, a reliable power drill, and a hacksaw, you'll want to make sure your stepping ladder is in good working order. Of course, any necessary tools that you don't possess can be purchased or rented from a hardware store for much less than the cost of your garage door opener installation.

While most homeowners are likely capable of DIYing their garage door opener installation, there are some important benefits that come with paying for professional installation. For instance, many professional installation services come with a warranty (per R&S Erection of Vallejo) that will protect you financially in the event of a faulty installation. More importantly, a garage door opener that's installed with an expert touch might be safer and more secure than one that's installed by a layman.