The Best Way To Wash Your Microfiber Cloths

As we're sure you already know, microfiber cloths are great all over the house. They wipe down bathrooms, dust window blinds, clean mirrors, absorb spills in the kitchen, and so on. If you're using these wonder cloths to make your house sparkle, you may be curious about the best way to keep the cloths themselves clean and ready to use time and time again. One thing to never use is fabric softener; The Rag Company FAQ (via YouTube) warns that it blocks up the fibers and inhibits their static cling, which is what makes the material work so well. If you've already used softener on your microfiber cloths and are now worrying that they could be irreversibly damaged, keep reading for some tips that will save them.

Another thing to remember when cleaning these cloths is to never use bleach. The Janitorial Store says that bleach will damage the fibers, again rendering them useless. So with all this in mind, what is the best way to wash these versatile wash cloths?

Hand or machine wash

Sometimes, you may choose to hand wash your microfiber cloths to get them clean quickly, and according to Busy Bee Cleaning Co., damp cloths can be even more effective at picking up and trapping dust into the fibers. When it comes to hand washing, simply use warm water. Never use hot water on microfiber says Cleanipedia by Unilever; just like bleach and fabric softener, it can do more harm than good. Let the towels soak for a few minutes and then, just using your hands, swish them back and forth under the water to scrub all the dust, dirt, and grime out of the fibers. Wring the cloth out really well and then it will be ready to use damp, or you can leave it to air dry.

For machine washing, a cool wash cycle with no added detergent or softener is best. If you need to add other items to the cycle make sure to steer clear of cotton in particular and stick to lint-free synthetic materials. If you must use a tumble dryer to dry the cloths, stick to a cool setting.

What to do if you've accidentally used a detergent that includes a softener

If you washed your microfiber cloths in a detergent that has a softener included in it, what can be done to restore them? Autofiber agrees that trying to clean microfiber cloths with household detergents causes a build up of film on the fibers, and so they have developed a product specifically designed to bring your microfiber back to its best. Called Micro Restore, this can be used instead of your usual laundry detergent when washing to always keep the microfiber absorbent and the static cling intact.

Another way to remove fabric softener, provided the problem is not too bad, is to use distilled white vinegar, suggests How 2 Remove Stains. Vinegar is acidic, so beware when using with dyed microfiber cloths, as the color may be affected. To prevent this, add the vinegar directly to the drum before adding the cloths, not the other way round. Then run a full cycle, and if the softener is still present, repeat the process until all residue has been removed.