Leanne Ford's Best Tips For A Timeless Looking Home

Most homeowners can agree that designing a home is a lot of work. It requires a tremendous amount of patience, and want our end results to last for years. It would be awful to spend months designing your residence, only to realize a few years later the trendy decor and finishes you've chosen are no longer in style. This can also be a major issue for people who are trying to sell their homes, as many buyers don't want to purchase something seemingly outdated.

Luckily, co-host of "Restored by the Fords" Leanne Ford has offered some tips on what you can do as a homeowner to create a timeless design, according to Real Simple. From materials to shapes and styles, Ford explains it all. Her ability to create ageless designs is what she's known for, and her advice may have the ability to keep your residence looking stylish for years to come.

Using design elements the right way

According to Real Simple, Ford is big on implementing arches in the home. This can be anything from arched doorways to furniture — and introducing a few decorative bowls will help accentuate any curved elements you already have. She believes that arches have elements that are both historical and innovative. Ford also says natural materials such as cane and rattan have continuously been able to make a comeback. But, you must understand how to turn something with historical context into a modern piece.

For example, if your rattan furniture has outdated upholstery, replacing it with a modern pattern or color can keep your home looking fresh, notes 1st Dibs. In addition, Ford is convinced that adding European-inspired pieces to your home will also help to keep it looking timeless. For example, introducing an old, European art piece made of quality materials will give your home a rich and elegant style, suggests Wood Grain. Its historical context will also hopefully give you inspiration in the present and following years.