This Hack Can Help Keep Your Washing Machine Extra Quiet

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We've all heard it before: The distinctive thumping and whirring of an unbalanced washing machine, sometimes even accompanied by wiggling or "walking" movement that leaves you convinced your laundry room is haunted. It's easy to dismiss as your washer puts maximum effort into removing the grass stains from your kid's soccer uniform. However, according to ApplianceTec, that annoying noise could cause damage to your machine down the line. Luckily, there's a quick fix to make your laundry days peaceful again that doesn't require any major repairs.

These non-vibration pads, like the SlipToGrip Washer Dryer BE QUIET from Amazon, are a simple concept with a significant impact. For only $21.95, these stoppers claim to reduce noise from your washing machine without wearing out. They even come in an eight-pack so that you can cover your dryer, too. Simply slip them on the adjustable feet of your washer and wait for the magic to happen. These pads even left a customer so surprised by the lack of noise that they had to check that the machine was still on (via Amazon).

How they work

That loud noise from the washing machine is pretty common due to a simple issue. If your floors are uneven, the spinning basket inside the machine will move unevenly. To check if your device is level, use a carpenter's level or app on your phone to ensure it's perfectly seated, according to Mr. Appliance. Some machines already come with adjustable legs and require a quick correction with a wrench to stop the noise, but others need more help. That's where these Washing Machine Foot Pads come in handy.

The pads are made of hard rubber, contain a small stainless steel plate to help prevent wear and tear, and are built to fit over the legs of any washing machine. Installation is simple — slightly tilt the washer with help to avoid any damage or injury, and place the pads on the feet to stop any movement, noise, or damage to your floors

The reviews are in

Amazon reviewers certainly had a lot to say about the SlipToGrip Washer Dryer BE QUIET, with many claiming that it completely silenced their laundry day experience. According to Judy, a buyer, their front loader no longer "dances," while Jasef says they are "blown away" by the vibration isolation this product provides. These insulating pads have earned an average of 4 out of 5 stars on over 120 reviews on Amazon, so it's clear many customers are finding success with this noise-reducing quick fix.

While keeping your washer quiet may not be your number one priority, it can bring more peace into your home. Loud laundry days can throw a wrench in a relaxing weekend and damage your washer and floors over time. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a handyman, look into the minor fixes that might help first. It might be as simple as an Amazon order and a minor adjustment.