5 Simple Ways To Completely Transform Your Backyard Shed

A backyard shed can serve a variety of purposes around the home, and the extra space it offers can function as an office, play area, workshop, or general storage room. Sheds can also be used in more exciting ways, like a pet house, playhouse, firewood storage, or storm shelter, via Overholt & Sons. The shed must maintain a pleasant appearance regardless of what you use it for.

When sheds aren't used often, they become run-down and forgotten at the back of the house. However, it doesn't have to be that way! Your shed can be a comfortable place and a nice escape from the rest of the home. In addition to the value it can bring, it can also increase the worth of your property. So as you beautify your home, pay attention to how your backyard looks. These are simple ways that you can completely transform your backyard shed.

1. Some new paint

A new coat of paint will quickly transform your backyard shed. Painting is a simple way to revive your shed because it brings instant change and won't take much work. A vibrant color can add personality to that area of your home, while a more neutral color can blend in well with the environment. Paint is also a way to protect unfinished wood from being damaged by the elements, says Projects for Tomorrow, so it can help you preserve the shed.

Don't know where to start? This guide by Ronseal can help you out. First, clean the shed thoroughly and remove any old paint. Then, smooth the wood and treat it so the paint looks good, and the wood can last. After prepping, you're ready to paint. Some color ideas for your shed include a more traditional neutral gray, a bold red, or a combination of bright pastels to get a vacation vibe.

2. Upgrade the door

Sometimes a new door is all the change that a shed needs. If your shed is old, this is a worthwhile upgrade that will secure it simultaneously. Some types of shed doors include sliding doors, double doors, and garage doors. Before you choose a door, think about how the shed will be used. Will it be a workshop? Then it's likely that large items will go in and out frequently, and an overhead garage door is the best choice. Is it a small shed that's just for storage? A sliding door will save the space that a hinged door would take, so that's probably the best choice for you, per DuraStor Structures.

Paint is a great way to beautify your shed door and preserve its quality, but security is also an essential part of installing shed doors. Get durable locks and hinges and secure any other open features of your shed, advises SafeWise.

3. Update the lighting

Sheds tend to be dark and scary areas that are avoided at night, but updating the lighting can bring a total transformation. The type of lighting you choose will depend on how you use your shed, but it's essential to have adequate lighting in and around it. Lights around your shed and in your backyard add to the general appeal of your home because they make the area usable and attractive. Outdoor lights also increase safety because they can deter any break-ins.

According to Dakota Storage Buildings, most people go for a combination of natural and artificial lighting. This looks like having windows and doors with openings to let the sunlight in during the day and solar, electrical, or battery-powered lights during the night. Electrical lights can work for you if you're operating electric tools or need electricity in your shed. However, solar and battery lights can be a simple way to light up your shed without professional help.

4. Change the windows

If your shed is being used frequently, then windows are a crucial part of the structure because they bring in natural light and facilitate proper ventilation. According to ShedStuff, you should consider the function, size, style, and security of your shed windows. Tinted glasses, for example, are a great way to keep things hidden from the outside. Like safety, durability is another important thing when it comes to shed windows because they need to be able to withstand the elements.

Make sure to add weatherstripping around the windows to keep out water, wind, and anything else that might make its way into your shed. Aluminum and vinyl are durable materials commonly used for shed windows; fixed windows are also an excellent safety feature against break-ins, via Modernize. You can also add potted plants to the window sills or curtains on the inside to improve the aesthetics of your shed.

5. Choose the right siding

Siding is the material that goes outside of any building to create a barrier around it. While paint, doors, and windows have some protective qualities, siding is necessary because its primary purpose is to protect the interior and exterior from damage. You can choose from plywood, natural wood, engineered wood, vinyl, and metal. Still, you need to consider what elements you expect in the location of your shed, how much you're willing to spend, and what kind of maintenance the siding will require, via Dakota Storage Buildings.

Wood siding is the most common due to its affordability, quality, accessibility, and variety. However, the other types, like vinyl and metal, are more water-resistant, require less maintenance, and can withstand rot and bug damage. Metal also provides a sleek look that doesn't need to be painted and is also fire-resistant, per Urban Sheds. Don't forget aesthetics as you decide on your siding. Choosing a nice color, texture, and style will completely transform your backyard shed!