3 Tips For Storing Your Wrapping Paper This Holiday Season

Boxes and papers and ribbons, oh my! According to a 2021 survey, more than 52% of Americans say that gift-wrapping is their least favorite holiday activity (via People). Love it or not, wrapping gifts is an essential part of the holiday season and an important skill to have if you hope to surprise your loved ones. One aspect that makes gift wrapping so tedious is figuring out how to store all of the bows, ribbons, and clunky rolls of wrapping paper.

Since you only use wrapping paper a few times each year, you may not necessarily want it on display. However, you'll need to have easy access to your supplies throughout the holiday season. After shopping, most Americans anticipate that they will need to wrap gifts for at least three hours, according to Consumer Reports. To make the dreaded experience a little easier this year, we've compiled a list of three simple tips to help you store your wrapping paper.

Stash in under-the-bed storage containers

There's a reason why under-the-bed storage containers have become a classic way to keep wrapping paper. Keeping gift wrap down there, especially Santa's secret wrap, hides it away from curious and clever little eyes. Gift wrap tubes are often long and cylindrical in shape, making them difficult to store elsewhere, but they fit perfectly into under-the-bed boxes, so take advantage of your hidden floor space!

In addition to being conveniently tucked out of sight, these storage containers can easily slide out from the bed when you need to use the wrapping paper. For even more ease of access, Cosmopolitan recommends selecting storage boxes with wheels. Wheeled containers look more intentional and classy in a bedroom space. Wheels are also important if you want to avoid scratching your floors, and they'll keep you from straining your back every time you need to wrap gifts. If you want to go the extra mile in keeping your bedroom neat during the holidays, definitely consider installing drawers under your bed. 

Add dowel rods to shelves

On average, gift-givers spend about $56 on gift wrap supplies every year for the holidays, according to the survey reported by People. While that may seem like a small price compared to the money spent on actual gifts, it's no pocket change! Take care of your wrapping paper investments by storing them on neatly-displayed dowel rods

Per Refined Rooms, this is an easy DIY project that only requires a few supplies. Install small hooks and dowel rods onto a wall, shelf, or wardrobe. Slide the rods through the wrapping paper tubes, then hang them neatly on the hooks, similar to a toilet paper roll. You can then unspool and cut lengths of paper right off the rack, or unhook the rod if you need to. 

According to a study by the University of Nevada, nicely-wrapped gifts raise expectations for what might lie inside. Wrapping gifts neatly also shows that you care about the recipient's feelings. Displaying your wrapping paper on dowel rods makes it easier to grab, and it also keeps the paper wrinkle-free so you can impress your loved ones with your immaculate wrapping. Storing your gift wrap supplies this way ensures that they will stay in good condition to use again next year. Plus, you'll feel like you're wrapping in Santa's workshop!

Hang in a garment bag

Forget the skeletons in your closet; where are you stashing your wrapping paper? Eco-minimalist blog Reduce, Reuse, Renew describes both gifts and mental clutter as some of the greatest contributors to holiday stress, so it's no wonder that physical gift wrap clutter bogs us down! To tackle the stress that comes from the mess, Verywell Mind recommends organizing items by how often you use them. Instead of trampling on your wrapping paper every morning, utilize your closet's vertical space by hanging your gift wrap tubes in a transparent garment bag. 

Hanging your wrapping paper keeps it organized and off of the floor, away from any creepy crawlies or dust bunnies. To hide your secret Santa wrapping papers, throw a coat or jacket over the garment bag and hang it near the back of your closet. Store smaller trinkets like labels, bows, and ribbons in a tote, then hang alongside your garment bag filled with wrapping paper. Clip or hook gift bags with handles onto nearby hangers. When you need to wrap a gift, simply unzip the garment bag or unhook it from the closet rail for stress-free access!