20 Gorgeous Shades Of Paint That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Relaxing Spa

Going to the spa is a popular self-care ritual as there's nothing quite as relaxing as being pampered in a stress-free environment where work obligations, kids, and housework aren't allowed. However, spa days can also quickly get expensive, which puts them out of reach for many people. The skin and beauty industries have stepped in to fill a void, and many spa-inspired products are now available to enjoy at home — but, of course, you'll need the perfect space to enjoy them. 

Transforming your bathroom into your own mini spa oasis is totally doable. There are many ways to do this, from lighting candles to upgrading your towels. According to Certa Pro, you can also greatly increase the chill factor of your bathroom by painting the walls a spa-inspired color. Spas use blues, greens, whites, tans, and grays to keep their walls calming and zen, and you can easily accomplish this, too. 

1. Sherwin Williams Tradewind

A light, soothing blue will always be in style when it comes to relaxation. Paint your bathroom walls with this soothing shade to bring some comfort and peace as you unwind. 

2. Benjamin Moore Nantucket Fog

There's something calming and beautiful about fog rolling in, which is what likely inspired Benjamin Moore's gray paint called Nantucket Fog. It looks great in a bathroom, especially when paired with white trim and fixtures. 

3. Sherwin Williams White Sand

Pure white walls look clean and non-distracting — you'll often see them in high-end spas. Now you can bring the look home to your bathroom retreat. While white walls are easy, they look incredible against unconventionally colored tubs, shelves, and countertops. 

4. Backdrop West Coast Ghost

This extremely light gray is an inviting diversion from white without being much darker. This cool hue is relaxing and coordinates well with black cabinetry or other dark bathroom furnishings and hardware. 

5. Benjamin Moore Opal Essence

Green has a bit of a reputation for being an overpowering color, but in reality, it can actually be very light and airy if you pick the right shade. Stay in the seafoam range if you're looking for a spa-inspired bathroom look. 

6. Behr Chimney

Relaxing walls don't always have to be a light hue to be effective. A serious gray can still provide a calming vibe and is actually easier to take care of as it will show dirt less easily than white walls. 

7. Sherwin Williams Pure White

Pretty white walls paired with gold and brown will make your bathroom look like a million bucks. You'll feel like you're at a luxurious spa in a far-off land instead of just down the hall from your kids. 

8. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

Blue-green walls remind the soul of springtime, the ocean, and other comforts of nature that we love but can't always run away to. Painting your walls is the first step toward a revamped bathroom ready to get you away from it all. 

9. Behr Back to Nature

A brighter green is a bit bolder than some other color options when you're looking for a spa-inspired design, but it still has a place if you use it as an accent wall or to brighten up cabinetry. 

10. Valspar Sensual Jade

A deep, earthy green tied together with black and white contrasting walls can be really beautiful in any bathroom. It steers away from old-school spa styles, instead going for an upscale, modern feel. 

11. Sherwin Williams Black Magic

If you aren't afraid of darker walls, why not go completely dark? Black can be just as relaxing as white — especially if you're looking to mellow out in the tub just before heading off to bed. Pair it with white fixtures for a strong, beautiful contrast. 

12. Farrow & Ball Lichen

Lichen green is a perfect medium hue that complements wood shelves and other natural-looking fixtures. Add some wall hangings featuring foliage, stack some candles, and get ready to dive into a bathroom motif as rich and inviting as a jungle hideaway. 

13. Benjamin Moore Ballet White

A lovely and traditional ivory is popular for many bathrooms, and it matches virtually any countertops and cabinetry. Many spas have natural wood and ivory designs, so stack up some towels and enjoy your bathroom-turned-spa getaway. 

14. Sherwin Williams Lullaby

A sweet gray hue looks lovely in the bathroom, and the leftover paint can look just as wonderful in a nursery, bedroom, or living room to bring a calm vibe throughout the entire house. 

15. Behr Dragonfly

You don't need to paint an entire bathroom to achieve a spa-like feel — you can simply paint the baseboards, trim, or just the lower half of a wall to make a big difference in the way it looks. 

16. Pratt and Lambert Edgewater

Everyone loves blue, as it can be both relaxing and energizing simultaneously. Incorporate multiple shades into your bathroom, ranging from medium to dark blue. The entire design will be a peaceful escape you'll love for years to come. 

17. Backdrop Palo Santo

There's a reason that many retreats are in the desert, where things are simpler and framed in solitude. Bring that desert love home to your own bathroom with sandy-colored paint and siding. 

18. Backdrop Natural Habitat

White tile is basic — go for dark green tiling paired with light green paint. Green symbolizes growth and new beginnings, which sounds like a pretty great way to recharge and refocus if you ask us. 

19. Sherwin Williams Mascarpone

Take a cue from the French with ivory and golden-colored walls. It will make your bathroom feel even more upscale when you bring in fancy treats like a fireplace or vintage chair. 

20. Behr Mink Haze

This peachy-tan paint is so friendly and brings a cozy feeling — light some candles and fill the bathtub with bubbles to sink into the warmth and comfort of this bathroom. You don't have to use a bright color to make happiness exude from the walls. 

21. Behr Corn Stalk

Yellow is such a positive, energizing color but it's usually too bright for the calm environment of a spa. If you love yellow and don't want to let it go, opt for a more subdued shade that will complement a bathroom well.