The Best Color Palette For A Witchy Home Decor Aesthetic

Is "Practical Magic" one of your comfort movies? Do you wish it was Halloween all year long? Do you have a candle collection to rival the Phantom of the Opera? A witchy aesthetic may be for you. According to My Cottagecore, "witchcore" is a darker offshoot of "cottagecore," a trend in fashion and decor that has been dominating internet culture. Cottagecore is marked by airy, feminine silhouettes, nostalgia, and a romanticization of the simple life. Think frolicking in a field with a basket full of handpicked strawberries and a ribbon in your hair. Witchcore, meanwhile, is meandering through a forest at twilight to collect herbs and seek guidance from the moon. They're two sides of the same romantic, fairy tale-like coin.

If you're looking to incorporate this witchy aesthetic into your home, it may be tempting to just dunk everything in a coat of black paint. While that will certainly give off a spooky vibe, there are other color options that can add some variety and mysticality into your space. Keep reading to get some color palette inspiration, and watch the magic of home decor unfold before your eyes.


One of the trademarks of witchcore is, of course, potions. Dried herbs, natural remedies, and apothecary-like bottles line the shelves, ready to showcase their magical properties at any moment. Reflect this in your decor by incorporating the beautiful light purple that lavender is known for. Even if you're not actually working on spells, studies show that the popular flower can bring a little magic to your nighttime routine and help promote better sleep (via the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine).

Lavender's relaxing properties aren't just limited to the flower. The color itself has a psychological impact, too. According to Color Psychology, the unique shade of purple evokes feelings of healing, calmness, and vitality because of its historical use in natural medicines. Stick to dark or muted shades of the hue that are more accurate to nature to keep the look grounded instead of artificial, and consider pairing it with deep browns and natural textures to provide an interesting contrast.

Deep green

We can't all live in a cottage in the forest, unfortunately, so bring the lush color of the leaves indoors with deep green accessories. According to EraGem, lighter shades of the color are often associated with luck, growth and freshness, while deeper shades bring a feeling of luxury and opulence because of their ties to gemstones like emerald and peridot. It works well on both sides of the witchy spectrum — foraging in the woods for mushrooms and berries or collecting gems and crystals with mystical properties.

A common facet of witchcore is an abundance of greenery (via My Cottagecore), so consider bringing in some color the natural way with a small army of houseplants. If you have nosy pets, however, incorporating dark green tones in your decor also does the trick. Deep colors allow rich fabrics like velvet and fur to shine, so don't hold back when it comes to experimenting with texture.

Aged neutrals

If you're going for a witchy look, it's a good idea to stay away from bright white. It's great to open up spaces and add freshness, but it's too clean and clinical for witchcore. Instead, think of the yellowed pages of a centuries-old spellbook, or the worn leather of a trusty pair of shoes. Rich browns are a great way to add a feeling of warmth and maturity to a room (via Color Psychology Meaning), and give you that immortal witch vibe that's a core part of the aesthetic. Consider shopping for vintage items that already have that natural wear and tear, or incorporate dark wood tones and amber accents to curate the look yourself. 

Turning your space into a witchcore dream home is a lot simpler than it seems — just use the magic of color psychology and stick with natural, deep colors to get that "fresh out of the enchanted forest" look. The results are sure to bewitch and delight your guests.