The Best Color Palette For A Mediterranean Home Decor Style

Is there anything more enticing than the peaceful and elegant vibes that are found in the Mediterranean? A coveted oasis filled with bright pops of color, tranquil seas, and relaxing respites, this area has long-filled travelers and homeowners alike with inspiration. Bringing these elements into your abode can transform it into a magical dwelling, and engaging this theme is as easy as adjusting your color palette. There are several tones and hues that are instantly recognized with this interior design, and incorporating them will create a magical atmosphere worthy of a passport.

You can use all of them or pick a few, and stick to a more defined palette that stretches across one color in multiple hues. According to Benjamin Moore, the Mediterranean theme can be used as an interior design, but it's also a mindset. Turning your home into a tropical respite is more about small accents and palette additions than big additions. You don't have to completely renovate or revamp to tune into this scheme — you just have to have some well-placed pieces and the curated paint options from this list.

Bask in blues

Whether you prefer eye-catching cobalt or a bright turquoise, using blue in your Mediterranean scheme is the surest way to capture the relaxed state of mind. According to Sensational Color, blue can help lower your heart rate and even amplify your memory. It's associated with calm and peaceful emotions, magnifying a serene feeling whenever it's used in the home interior.

Your options range from darker hues to lighter tones, all of which can be combined or used alone with woods and stucco walls. You can use a deep water blue for an accent wall, drawing attention to one area and surrounding it with whites as well as neutral tones throughout the room. This pop of color will channel the Mediterranean seas and well-known rooftops that are reminiscent of the Greek islands. Guests will instantly be transported to lands filled with charm and epic sights, all without stepping onto a plane.

Taken with terra cotta

Another notable color that can easily play into a Mediterranean palette is terra cotta. This warm, rusty red has been associated with places like Spain, Morocco, and Italy, making it a simple addition to your theme. While blues add a cooler, oceanic touch, terra cotta will warm up any room and create a welcoming vibe. Using these two together will provide a very impressive backdrop in any room, working together to bring both spectrums of the color palette into one space.

If you're looking for ways to incorporate terra cotta without committing to a solid paint job, finding accessories that boast the shade is another way to draw it through. Pillows, throws, rugs, tiles, and even standard terra cotta pots will ensure the Mediterranean theme is accomplished, without the need for a total revamp in every room. The Decoist notes you don't need to overplay it to get the warm, earthy contribution to be noticeable. Small pieces can be just as captivating, and will bring your decor to a new level.

Obsessed with ocher

Warm hues are essential when it comes to designing in a Mediterranean vein. While blues provide the cooler, water-based ideals, rusts, burnt oranges, and ocher will really bring the coastal and desert mixture into play. One of the key components to decorating in this scheme is merging the two elements — water and earth, which can be accomplished through paints and accents alike.

Ocher is a great option because it adds a warm touch without feeling too intense. Essential Vermeer notes the spectrum of this color is very large, and it has been used for a variety of purposes dating back to prehistoric times. Humans tend to lean into that which they know and understand, and the earthy tone is familiar because it's associated with elements seen in nature. Leaves, dirt, rocks, and even mountains can exhibit the different shades and tones of ocher, which makes it notable to all.

Adding this into your Mediterranean interior design can be done with minor touches, or in the form of accent walls and rooms painted in a lighter or darker shade of it. Mixing it with terra cotta and hints of blue will pull the entire theme together nicely, leaning into the warmth without becoming too heated.