5 Paint Colors That Go Well With A Blue Couch

Your home is an expression of your personality, and picking furniture to match is an adventure all its own. Depending on your tastes and interior design scheme, there are a variety of pieces that you can combine in different sizes, shapes, and colors. For example, if you've decided that blue is a key color in your aesthetic, the next step might be painting your walls to correlate with that theme. Blue represents tranquility, peace, and elegance, according to Impressive Interior Design. Decorating with this classic color can be easy and fun, especially if you know what to look for.

A couch is one of the most important pieces of furniture for any residence and opting for a blue one allows you to explore all the possibilities that come with it. From throw pillows and blankets to wall color, there is no end to the fusions you can create with your palette. While blue is a very versatile selection, certain hues match it best, and once you decide on one of those, it is smooth sailing. Whether you're seeking a bold choice or a more subdued aesthetic, the following paint colors will give your couch the backdrop it deserves. So get ready to love your space even more because these combinations will blow your mind.

1. Gray

Gray is one of the most neutral colors, offering a huge range of possibilities when decorating with it. When it comes to painting your walls, choosing this hue option allows for a number of décor schemes. Set against a gray backdrop, your blue couch will pop with color and draw in the eye, making it a focal point in the room. If the fabric or material is a richer shade, it will create even more depth with the neutral combination, especially if the gray is in a lighter hue.

Because there are so many tones and hues of gray, it is best to pick out a variety of swatches to compare them with your blue sofa. Think about the undertones of the paint and your furniture's fabric. Each of these colors is classified as cool, so Dulux recommends bringing a cozy vibe to the room with wood elements that will provide warmth.

2. Black

Black accents, décor, and even furniture are a go-to for interior design schemes and plans, but people tend to avoid using this hue as a paint option. While it can be very intense and even a little daunting, black shouldn't be overlooked as a decorating preference. In fact, this color works well with pieces of furniture that offer bright fabrics and materials, providing a solid background to showcase the dazzling tones. While darker shades of blue can match almost anything, light blue furniture might suit a black room better.

Depending on how bold you want to go, you can either paint the entire room or just choose an accent wall. Both options offer an edgy, elegant aesthetic, and it comes down to personal preference which you opt for. According to the Decoist, light blue gives off a Mediterranean vibe, while black can be used as the base tone for accents or accessories. You can also incorporate bits of white to pull everything together in an engaging way.

3. Terracotta

If you're keen on the bold look, burnt orange or terracotta is the perfect wall color to go with your blue sofa. The paint's warmth will compliment the furniture's coolness, creating an ideal juxtaposition that is nothing short of eye-popping. In addition, Foogo notes that each color brings a natural edge to the room — water or sky combined with earth to produce an elegant and welcoming space. Light blue shades mix well with the burnt tinge of the orange, but deeper blues will offer an even more impressive contrast.

Don't be afraid to explore the range of shades with both options, adding throws and accent pieces in different hues. If your couch is a darker fabric, incorporate lighter pillows to give the effect of the elements coming together in harmony. Use natural materials for tables and other furniture, which will build on the warmth already brought by the terracotta paint.

4. Blue

One of the best aspects of the color blue is that it comes in so many different shades and hues. Because of the variety of tones, you can even use it as a paint option for your blue couch. Pairing two different shades of the same color adds depth and dimension, allowing you to create a theme around them. According to Livingetc, this monochromatic interior design can create a serene atmosphere, especially because blue evokes calm, soothing feelings.

The best way to pair the same color is to stick to kindred undertones, to ensure everything matches and compliments properly. Livingetc recommends incorporating the hues throughout the room and adding in rugs and curtains that feature them. If your couch is dark blue, the grey undertones are a good jumping-off point for paints with a blue/grey color scheme. If you have a peacock shade, look for green undertones that will match the jeweled theme.

5. White

White and blue is a classic combination used in interior design for years, and the timeless effect is easy to pull off. Be it a coastal theme or a nautical interior design plan, these colors work so well together that it is clear why so many homeowners opt for them. For example, pairing a blue couch with white wall paint creates a clean, simplistic effect that can facilitate a variety of accents and décor, according to the Decoist.

The crisp effect of the white will make the sofa pop, drawing in the eye to this feature piece. Incorporate throw pillows or blankets in other light shades like ivory, cream, and beige, or pick patterned fabrics with both blue and white. Your paint can also be one of these hues, as each of them compliments the boldness of the colorful couch. Bring swatches home to test them against your sofa's material to find the best option before committing to it.